Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Lab Documentation Package

This is an archive post that will be updated as we learn more.

Landis got his full Laboratory Documentation Package (LDP) on August 31, three very full weeks after the B sample test result was announced. Without the data contained in the LDP, there was little he could say in his defense.

The LDP is described in the WADA International Standard for Labortories (ISL) as the total of all the information the Lab needs to provide to the results management process. While voluminous, if there is any data missing you are unlikely to get any more.

It's big, 170 Mb or so anyway you get it. It comes from as a zip file with 11 PDFs of 370 scanned pages. At the copy, we've unzipped them (here if that doesn't work) and also put them into one big PDF which lets you print and paw through in one AcroRead session.

We have also broken it into individual pages (here if that doesn't work), with sensible names, and I recommend using links to these individual pages in discussions.

Here are some things to know right away:
  1. It's really two LDPs, one for the A sample and one for the B. The split is at page USADA_225
  2. There are two tables of contents, one for the A and one for the B. Both have wrong page numbers, but show the organization of the pages that follow
  3. There is a lot of boilerplate, some of which is reproduced in both reports.
  4. In some tests, many sub-samples/vials/aliquots are tested, and some of them are reference calibration standards. It's going to take some staring to figure them out.
Some interesting pages are identified in the table below.

Whiteout page
Transport page w/wrong Sample number
A sample screening result for T/E USADA_051: 1.0
USADA_054: 4.9
USADA_057: 5.1
USADA_060: 1.1
A sample confirmation result for T/E USADA_092: 11.4
USADA_101: 14.8(!?)
A sample CIR result for exogenous USADA_175
A sample certified results
Sample ID w/Cortisone TUE note
B sample confirmation result for T/E USADA_278: 10.9
USADA_279: 11.0
USADA_281: 11.1
USADA_283: 3.6
USADA_288: 14.3(?)
B sample CIR result for exogenous USADA_352
B sample certified results USADA_365

Statement by Landis' Expert, de Boer
Questions by deBoer (unanswered)

This is where the "ferret" pages came from. The reconstructions are much easier to read.

USADA_006 page 1 page 1
USADA_007 page 2 page 2
USADA_008 page3 page 3

Comments to this post are a good place for discussion about the structure of the pack and identification of parts. This will let me update the index tables especially if it helps with the index tables.




Anonymous said...

Stunning, stunning work, TBV. Who does awards for blogs? I sense a nomination is in order.

Now then, let's get to work unravelling all this data...


Anonymous said...

Its difficult to work through the report reliably because of the very poor quality of some of the pages. For example pp 6,7,20 of the Lab Documentation Package are difficult or impossible to read in the pdfs. Is there any chance of readable copies being available?

DBrower said...

pages 6 and 7 have been reconstructed -- see the second table on this post.

page 20, well, WYSIWG.