Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Roundup

Wisconsin Radio blurbs Landis appearance for bike paths, notes controversy.

Letters to CyclingNews are appalled by the lab work, critical of an attempt to hold to the one metabolite standard, and scathing to the organizations that shot their mouth off.

Letters to VeloNews all dope, all the time. Says one,

I am astounded to hear him [McQuaid] talk out of both sides of his mouth in his answer to the first question:
"iShares put this off because of what Floyd Landis did." followed shortly after with "As I keep saying over and over, until the process on Landis is completed, he still has the presumption of innocence."
At DPF, some interesting wandering may be turning something up on the cortisone interactions around post 316.

Manic Cyclist has his impressions of Menonites [sic] change again.
J's Place says Not Guilty.
La Flamme Rouge reviews current affairs mostly LA and UCI, in google translation from Francais.

Brad Kearns, author a new Lance book, throws Floyd under the bus in an article titled, "Why Lance is Clean."

Neil bags interview with Landis for ROAD magazine, but doesn't spill anything.

Bloodthirsty Vegetarians riffs that "Floyd Landis thinks people are still listening..."; I haven't listened.