Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday Roundup

Landis may be on Thursday 5-Oct CBS Early Show. Set theTivo.

Lelangue may go back to ASO, according to CyclingNews. Guess he isn't tainted.

Eddy Merckx interviewed by Pez in Marin: "
I don’t think he took anything, he just happened to be doing what he was doing. I don’t know for sure. For me, it’s a mistake, and I did not experience that, so I can not speak about that."

New York Press slams Landis saying he's in denial and the "evidence is overwhelming." Seems like a good example of the assumptions of the inattentive. Cartoon shows cool Landis riding calmly in front of gasping cyclists sipping a cappucino with an Rx bag by his side. I don't remember him looking that dapper on the way to Morzine.


Dilbert's "Sports Weasel of the Year" candidates discussed on F1 Fanatic. I'm reminded why I dislike Schumacher.

Rant looks at the Ferret pages, and concludes they are consistent with Floyd's version of the truth. If they are authentic, Floyd wasn't lying about the normal T and low E values. Rant also argues given the science behind T/E testing, the result isn't conclusively damning based on the absolute values in question. That leaves critical IRMS result to be examined.

Y-Design goes over a book that discusses the pressure to dope to succeed in sport; minimal Landis hook in the lede.

Doctor at a faith-based clinic in Tennesee uses Landis as a news hook for commentary recounting the dangers of doping, and to say we should strive to win naturally.

Old (30-Jul) article on 24x7 is inclined to believe Landis, cites WSJ numbers guy article and refs two papers I didnt' have links for before -- D.H. van de Kerkhof, D. de Boer, J.H.H. Thijssen, and R.A.A. Maes; and L Dehennin's oft cited '94 article.

Another old article from Counterpunch (Jul 28) is ambivalent, and does so fairly.