Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Roundup

CyclingPost recycles yesterday's Pez interview with Eddy Merckx, without attribution; CyclingNews gets same quote, but attribute it to Het Laatste Nieuws.

Eddy Merckx interviewed by the Telegraph. He observes that after his injury, starting the race in pain meant he didn't hit the wall 3/4 of the way in like everyone else. Same way for Landis this year? That's the only Floyd connection I can manufacture, but it's a good interview.

Everyday Economist muses about steroid hypocrisy, touching Landis on the way to NFL and Baseball.

PJ says if you want to be able to talk like a knowledgable cycliste this party season, you need to know some things about carbon, as in C12 and C13, not as in OCLV fiber. Plugs Rant and TBV.

Rant goes off on trial by media, and how Landis hasn't been well served.

Lij shows off her Alpe D'Huez camping pix, and the "Floyds" on the road.

Fat Man Cycles says he's innocent.

At Daily Peloton Forum, some n00B going by "floyd" seems knowledgeable in a technical discussion of watts and kg on some climbs, e.g., 3w == 30 seconds on the Alpe D'Huez.
Probably getting a better reception here than he would on Topix, or on RBR where he'd be called a "dumbass". Earlier poster 'Will' appears to be Geoghegan, an old friend.



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More info on stage 17 ride.