Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Roundup


It's here.
(the documents released by Landis)

Official Announcement from Works now, but they off-sited the documents to needing a password. TBV's download links are easier to use.

thanks once again to berkeley expresso, 1990 shattuck for the FREE wifi.

AP covers., CNN slightly different.
AFP via VeloNews.
BikeBiz covers, discusses DPF appearance.
SJ Mercury News rates it below QB food fights, wonders if anyone cares. Yes, people do.
Charlotte Observer says, "Landis low on options takes to internet"
Canton Repository summarizes.
WKYC has snappiest (a model of brevity) report but the promised link isn't there.
Telegraph UK has a homegrown coverage, says defense is mostly procedural complaints.
FreeRepublic quotes Prudhomme and the usual suspects as maintaining total confidence in the lab.

Bobke still thinks he's clean and a deserving winner.


Daily Peloton Doping Forum
is the place to be.

Announcement thread. There's problems with site, fixed by offloading the download to or using the TBV mirrors.
Q: Are your experts present at the arbitration or do you just get to use their sworn written testimony.?

FL: Not sure, but you can be there. It will be at Pepperdine University. On side note the President of the French Olympic committee has been convicted on corruption charges and given a three month suspended sentence.

Q: Are you getting as much grief as I am for being online too long???

FL: There is no way you are getting as much grief as me.
Explanation of statistical meaning of TE values.
slide show discussion.

LetsRun forum talks, and gives it site front page. notices.

txbra talks. "I had him dirty before the slide show. Now- I am not so sure . I have doubts of the credibility of the labs and the agency's handling." Mission accomplished!

FreeRepublic discusses in a small way.
Figure Skating Universe is interested. says it resurrects the Chewbacca Defense.
German forum had problems, ended up here.

Freakonomics digs it.
Knowledge Problem really gets it, or TBV is just susceptible to flattery.
Spinopsys reads, takes a dim view of result.
BikingBis goes into a lot more detail later in the day, picking up the specific TBV links. Whoo Hoo!
Cycloblog calls it a "confident" move.
Tidbits and More is all for the transparency.
Adventure Blog thinks it does nothing for case, may help PR.
VeloGal notes release, intends to read it sometime.
ScienceFictionTwin says Landis has bigger jewels than Armstrong.
PR Blog wants him to do blogging her way.
Center for Citizen Media says "Right On!"
DoucheBlog Cycling slams the whiteout by the lab.
Travis Bates (no relation to Norman Bickle) has his faith cemented.
Rant does an initial evaluation.
GodsOfSport takes a look, gets very nice screen shots.
RedHawk Review says, "Innocent? No way."

A PowerPoint blog gives the presentation generally high marks, except for the gradient and slide two, which promises an order of presentation that isn't delivered clearly.

PJ thinks McQuaid is fighting on too many fronts.

Anonymous comments on TBV's slide show paint us as Floyd Bashers. Oh, the sweet irony.



Anonymous said...

Hey TBV:

Floyd just announced on the DPF thread that the hearing is going to be held at Pepperdine. I sure hope you go and do up-to-the-minute reporting!

Anonymous said...

You a Floyd basher? You just can't make some people happy can ya David?

This genuine Floyd basher would like to thank you for the hard work you put into this great resource.

From reading this I know you feel Floyd has been hard done by, and fair enough too.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you missed this from the AP story ....

Philippe Dautry, general secretary of France's anti-doping agency, "We only have some vague noises about the arguments from Landis and his attorney. All this is part of an ongoing disciplinary procedure, during which all the elements must be examined."


Let me take a shot at intepreting this. "How dare anyone suggest we made a mistake. Its just noises of the guilty caught red-handed."

I thought the Anti-Doping Agencies were to at least PRETEND to be objective.

Donna Tocci said...

Thanks for including my opinion into the mix here!

Anonymous said...

General Observation ... Seems like the press is skeptical and the blogs are not.

Also, it seems like the press operates under the impression that authorities are always right (do they ever question a DA indictment, SEC charge, police bust, etc.) and judge the accused based on emotion and appearance. That's why they use juveille phrases like "QB food fight" dismiss it as "procedural complaints" or beleive that Landis is "out of options."

The bloggers, on the other hand, are examining the evidence and arguing about the intepretation and application of WADA protocols. That's why they are arguing the intpretation of containmented samples, how many metobolites are needed for a positive finding. In other words, they are having a resonable argument about facts.

Instead of approaching it with a bias (that "authorities" are bias free and assumed to be correct) they put each side on equal footing and evaluate the arguments on the merits.

This is why bloggers are doing the job of the media. Why bloggers exposed Dan Rather and cost him his job. Why bloggers are moving the arguments forward and the media is losing readership and viewers.

Any else see it this way? Because if true, one needs to ask all media types a basic question, what happened to your curiousity? Or are you so lazy and uninterested that everything needs to be judged on first impressions?