Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Roundup


Quote of the Day

We decided that, if given the info, you would be constructive. We'll call it the Wikipedia defense... (below)
LANDIS COMES CLEAN! (about the ferret).

We're expecting to see the Laboratory Documentation Pack on the website on Thursday. Hope for a rainy weekend so there will be no guilt for the time spent poring over it all. I'll archive and index them, and collect any analysis and interpretation you add via comments or mail.

Floyd returns to the converstion at the Daily Peloton Forum. Some snips:
In the big picture I am being called unethical by the IOC. You have to admit that you see the hypocrisy in that.

...have been reading these from the beginning and while you guys are opinionated (as am I) we decided that, if given the info, you would be constructive. We'll call it the Wikipedia defense, and I would have given everything to you sooner but had a very hard time selling the idea to the lawyers.

...There were a lot of strange statements which were attributed to me in the first few weeks and it was due to complete confusion on my part. I had a couple beers and a couple shots of jack, I honestly don't remember if it was 2 or 3, I only remember that it happened because it was unusual.

...As far as the defense that I had high testosterone, I was taking advice of lawyers and we were defending ourselves publicly with no information other than that the ratio was 11/1. They don't test for absolute values in urine testosterone, they only have an upper limit which is suspicious. Mine was well below half of the upper suspicious limit as you will see in a few days, not only that but it turns out that the t/e ratio wasn't even 11/1.

...I received a call from Pat Mcquaid, with whom I had never previously spoken on the phone, during which I was told that I should save my money and go home because it will be impossible for me to win. I told him that I had not done it and had to defend myself, to which he said; "Floyd, I think you're not a bad guy and I think you're and honest guy who made an honest mistake. And I am not saying that you did something that everyone else wasn't doing, I'm just saying that you got caught". I repeated this quote to Lefavre, identifying it's sorce, and later he attributed it to me, so you can thank Mcquaid for that comment. Needless to say I will not give them the opportunity to speak in private any more. I would have kept these conversations to myself had they not been used against me in public.

...I only want everyone to see that I am not trying to get off on some technicality but rather that, according to the WADA rules, the test is not positive.

There's some back and forth about IV after Stage 16. One poster suggests it isn't legal, and Floyd does some tap dancing to avoid putting his foot in his mouth.

Biking Bis picks up USA Today story about defense, slide show and immanent document release. Observes that the PR effort of this release is important to his future career no matter what the outcome. Plugs TBV, which we always appreciate.

Spinopsys thinks the whiteout defense is lame, the PR is lame, and Phonak was a doper paradise and Landis was at the epicenter.

Arithmetic Dept: 2 + 2 =

The defense slide show mentioned above and by USA Today yesterday must be what Arnie Baker is presenting in San Diego on October 18th, mentioned here on Tuesday. Baker prepared the set for Landis, according to the reports.

Anonymous comment notes that
There is an extensive article on Floyd's case in the November 2006 issue of Men's Journal magazine.
The magazine's website bills it, "SPECIAL REPORT: DOPING Cycling's Fall Guy. Why busting Floyd Landis won't clean up his sport's drug problem." Can someone who has it send a summary?



Anonymous said...

There is an extensive article on Floyd's case in the November 2006 issue of Men's Journal magazine.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, I must admit to not following the Landis thing closely of late or on Daily Peleton for reasons you and I have exchanged privately, I wanted to give it all a rest, but with the white out report I coudn't resist commenting.

However, reading all this my thoughts will need to be clarified further.

For Floyd to take a social media (Wiki) route is a pretty interesting development, and one I'm down with despite my morning post that opposed the idea.

I'm digging this "transparency" thing, so I think it'll be equally important if Landis' team does not include an attack against the UCI/WADA/Notification process etc.

I for one have never liked the idea that the A samples should not be publicised, I've always thought it best to have all the cards on the table right from the start.

To that end, I'd call for the testing guys to release all data on past tests of Landis, I want to know how close to the limits he was on a wide range of tests etc.

I want to know what his natural levels are now, what they were when he raced that kind of thing, sure they would not be relevant to this specific cas, but hey! Enquiring minds wanna know, and that info would be relevant to future tests should he beat the rap and race again.

All in the interests of transparency of course.