Sunday, October 08, 2006

Final! Ferret! - An! Exciting! FAX! from UCI!!!

TBV got one more mail from The Ferret today, revealing himself to be F(erret) Landis of Murietta, California. He sends along one last FAX from the UCI, being their notification of the results of the B sample test (click to enlarge, 2 pages):

Failing! to! suppress! their! euphoria! at! having! A! Case! To! Pursue!, the apparatchniks at the UCI sent this to the parties on August 5th, notably excluding the ASO. This was the totality of the factual communication about the B Sample test before the 370 page Laboratory Documentation Package was delivered on August 31st.

Landis apologizes for the subterfuge of the previous ferret documents, and says that the useful and positive reaction to them helped cement the case for releasing it all later this week. As he noted in his Daily Peloton Forum appearance today, it's the open-source/Wikipedia effect -- many eyes will find things a small number can't. Since he has nothing to hide, have at it.

We are humbled to have been noticed, and a little shamed at being a backchannel. Since the documents are coming out, fulfilling our long standing campaign, we are also happy. When they show up, we'll index them, archive them and collect contributions.

Now, Mr. Landis, about those Oakley Zero sunglasses. What the heck* were you thinking?

* hopefully safe for use in Farmersville.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Glad Floyd saw fit to entrust TBV with this... He is a tough guy, in fine spirits, and doing well. Now the world can see the facts! Thanks again, and keep the faith... Michael Farrington, Green Mountain Cyclery.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

Oh, TBV. Your exclamation point on the keyboard must be broken. But, congratulations, your continued standing for transparency has paid off with the revelation of the identity of the Ferret (Floyd). Besides, this blog is a free research center that can't be ignored.

I can't wait for Thursday --although as an art historian, I don't believe I will have any germane comments.

Final snarky comment -- what the heck is the UCI thinking that an appropriate sign off to their letter is "We look forward to hearing from you!" Do these people work for a place that demands perky?

Anonymous said...

Not only perky, as Cheryl states, but emphatic!

It looks as if hitting *cr* on the UCI keyboard generates an exclamation point instead of a period!

On the one hand, this is an indication of how certain they are of their conclusons!

On the other, of course, it makes you wonder if there are other programmed errors in their electronics!

TBV has picked up on this brave, new style, and I think we would all do well to emulate it!

It's obviously the wave of the future!