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Glossary, Roster and TLA decoder ring

Started by Carlton Reid at bikebiz.uk, with permission.

AAF Adverse Analytical Finding - a "positive" or "failed" doping test.

ADRB Anti-Doping Review Board.

ADRV Anti-Doping Rule Violation - a case handled through results management by an Anti-doping Organization. Many AAF's may be folded into a single ADRV.

AFLD, French Anti-doping Agency, as of Oct 1 2006, parent of LNDD.

AFO, Athlete Fairness Organization, proposed by Landis to address shortcomings in the anti-doping enforcement process.

AIGCP Associazione Internazionale Gruppi Sportivi Professionistici/International Association of Professional Cycling teams

AIMEC, Italian Association of Cycling Medics.

Aguilera, Dr. Rodrigo; House Ear Institute, Proteomics Core Facility, Los Angeles. Author of key papers on CIR applied to doping control; present at the B-sample retesting in April 2007.

Amory, Dr. John Witness for Landis at hearing, expert on testosterone.

Amstel Light, alleged beer consumed by Landis after Stage 16.

Andreu, Frankie; former American cyclist, member of Postal Team. Recently admitted to EPO use in 90s. Compelled to testify against Armstrong in a case that settled with Armstrong winning.

Armstrong, Lance; American 7-time TdF Champion, target of many doping accusations and suspicions by L'Equipe and Mr. Pound. Aggressively defends his reputation.

ASO Amaury Sport Organisation, owner of the Tour de France and L'Equipe newspaper. Does not own LNDD, but seems to have close unofficial connections.

AAA American Arbitration Association, under whose rules the USADA hearings are run.

Ayotte, Christiane; Head of the Montreal WADA lab, testified at the hearing. "OK for me"

Baker, Arnie; San Diego cycling coach who works with Landis.

Barnett, Matthew; Associate outside counsel for USADA in the Landis trial. Known for his aggressiveness and presentation of the "Dancing Monkey" in that trial. Originally given the handle "condescending man" by Hue; also the author of the USADA discovery letter that asked for contributor information.

Blood Profiling; A proposed technique for detecting doping. An agency would keep historical values for an athlete, to be compared against current testing. Variances that do not seem to be of natural origin would be suspicious.

Bordry, Pierre; head of the French anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) that funds LNDD. Filed the Police complaint about the "hacker".

Botre, Dr. Francesco; Director of the Rome WADA Laboratory, "Independant" expert for the Panel at the Landis AAA hearing; present for the "reprocessing" done at the LNDD. Author of a paper relevant to the case about considering uncertainty in doping measurements, cited in the Landis closing statement.

Bowers, Dr. Larry; Expert in CIR, directly helped USADA during the hearing. Author of several important papers; alleged to have tried blocking Landis access to log files from LNDD.

Brenna,J Thomas, Ph.D; USADA witness on IRMS analysis. Also called the 1.3 million dollar man, for the amount of money he received in grant funds from USADA during the 4 years prior to his testimony. Testified early in the hearing, then next to last in rebuttal.

Brunet, Patrice; Canadian Immigration Lawyer and Arbitrator. When Campbell and McLaren could not agree on a third arbitrator, he was chosen as Chair of the Landis CAS-AAA Arbitration Panel by each of the other two ranking/striking the other arbitrators on the list until a common name, his, ranked at the top of each list.

Bruyneel, Johan; Postal/Discovery DS.

Buisson, Corrine, LNDD supervisor of Mongongu and Frelat, testified at the hearing.

Call, The; made by Geoghegan to Lemond on May 16th during the hearing.

Campbell, Christopher; Athlete's Panel member in the CAS-AAA arbitrator pool. Ex olmpic freestyle wrestler and oldest athlete ever to win an Olympic medal in that sport. Wrote a dissenting opinion in the tyler Hamilton case.Member of the Panel in the Landis case.

CAS Court of Arbitration for Sport

CAS-AAA; Court of Sport Arbitration, American Arbitration Association, the body that adjudicates disciplinary proceedings involving USADA and an American Athlete.

Catlin, Don; Former head of the WADA lab at UCLA for 20+ years.

CIR, Carbon Isotope Ratio. By tecting how much Carbon-12 vs. Carbon-13 are in something, you can tell something of it's origins. Human-produced t(endogenous) estosterone is different than that derived from plants and administered (exogenous). The CIR is measured by using IRMS.

Davis, Simon; IRMS technical expert for Landis at hearing,

de Ceaurriz, Jacques; Director of the LNDD, pronounced the CIR was, "infallible"

CIR Carbon Isotope Ratio test, a test for exogenous testosterone ie synthetic man-juice; also IRMS CIR

Queen of da Nile. I'm guessing some people won't get it.

Cofidis cycling team, on trial in France in the wake of the David Millar doping case.

Confirmation Test; a test done after screening to obtain a more definitive result.

CPA Professional Riders' Association, which is not a labor union, more of a professional association. Has no power. TUU? Totally Useless Union? Headed by Francesco Moser.

Dancing Monkey; A technique lawyers use to distract the finder of fact from the relevant aspect of the case.

Darling Trial Courtroom; Site at Pepperdine University Law School where the USADA disciplinary proceeding again Floyd Landis took place.

DNA Testing; A method of identifying who belongs to some biological sample. Often used to place people at crime scenes. Presented as infallible, but failed to convince OJ Simpson jury. Defense attorneys don't like clients to take them for fear of false positive. There is talk of requiring ProTour riders to provide DNA samples as a condition of license.

DPF Daily Peleton forum, the BBS chosen by FL to talk science, beer, TLAs and choice of uphill mind music. Posted tirade about Lemond at DPF was cited by USADA at the hearing as a threat.

DS; Director Sportif, the manager/head coach of a cycling team.

EFTMID, "Everyone Faster Than Me is Doping", a frequently heard complaint that must be taken with a grain of salt.

Endogenous; stuff your body makes by itself.

ERC Endogenous reference compound. A natural hormone that is used as reference to compare to.

Excreted; waste products are excreted into urine.

Exogenous; stuff your body didn't make, from the outside

Ferrari, Michele; Italian doctor/sports physiologist. Worked with Armstrong. Major proponent of watt/kg efficiency measurement. Also rumoured doping guru called "Doctor Evil."

Ferret, name given an anonymous source of some documents; turned out to be Landis.

FFF, Floyd Fairness Fund, announced defense fund for the Landis case. No contact information at this time.

, Floyd Landis

Frelat,Claire; LNDD lab technician, who tested the Landis "B" samples after six months of training.

Fuentes, Eufemiano; Spanish doctor implicated in Operacion Puerto. Had 200 bags of blood in his refrigerator, but we haven't found out whose they were, with athletes refusing DNA tests.

GC/MS, Gas Chromatogaphy/Mass Spectrometry, also used for doping tests that are not CIR, in particular, "quantitative" T/E tests.

Geohegan, Will; Landis' manager and long time friend. 'Will' @ DPF and the maker of a telephone call to Greg Lemond the night before his testimony that may have turned the result of the hearing from science to scandel. The stuff Tabloids are made of. Rhymes with "Reagan".

Goldberger, Dr. Bruce, Forensic Lab expert, testified for Landis at the hearing; invited to apply for Catlin's job at UCLA.

GT Grand Tour: Tour De France, Giro d'Italia, Vuela etc.

G&T Gin and tonic. FL prefers 'Jack'

Hamilton, Tyler; American cyclist now off two year suspension for blood doping; former teammate of Landis and Armstrong.

Health Check; Not-a-doping blood test done by UCI "vampires" on the mornings of stages to ensure hematocrit less than 50%. Failure results in a 2 week "health break".

Hearing, The, Landis' public AAA-CAS hearing held at Pepperding Univ, May 14-23 2007.

Hematocrit; amount of red blood cells in.

Hatton, Carolyn; UCLA WADA lab representative that aided USADA attorneys throughout the Landis hearing. In our hearing coverage, occasionally referred to as "Henson"; not all are fixed.

Hoisting on own's own petard; To cast blame for a complaint upon the acts of person making it. See also, Young Gambit.

IDCR, WADA technical document on identifying peaks in chromatography.

ISL, International Laboratory Standard, against which WADA accredits laboratories. (Also ILS, SIL)

IRMS Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry test, how a CIR is typically measured.

IV; Intravenous fluid replacement, either saline solution or saline + glucose.

Jack Daniels, Tennesee sipping whisky, drunk by Landis on the eve of Stage 17 along with some Amstel Light to wash away the bitterness of S16.

Jacobs, Howard; attorney representing Landis, formerly represented Hamilton and others.

Lamour, Jean-Francois, French sports minister, now also WADA vice-chair and Mr. Pound's heir-apparent. Irate at revelations in spring 2007 that he'd tested positive once, cleared by a different lab; and a second time for something not then a prohibited substance.

Landis, Floyd; 2006 TdF Winner, our protagonist.

Lelangue, John; Phonak DS during 2006 TdF.

Lefevere, Patrick; Quick Step Manager, also AIGCP President and UPTC member.

Le Figaro, French newspaper of conservative leaning, perhaps similar to the Washington Times.

Lemond, Greg; American 3-time TdF champion, very critical of doping in cycling. Testified to a conversation he had with Landis partly concerning Landis' alleged use of testosterone during the 2006 tour de France.

Le Monde, major French newspaper, considered the "newspaper of record" similar to the New York Times or the Washington Post.

L'Equipe, French newspaper centered on sports, owned by ASO. Has a somewhat tabloid and muckraking editorial interest that might be seen as counter to ASO's other business interests.

Lim, Allen; Exercise physiologist for CycleOps/Saris, works closely with Landis.

LDP Laboratory Documentation Pack (a 370-page LNDD vs FL document) defined in the ILS.

LNDD Laboratoire National de D├ępistage du Dopage (the lab that tested both the A and B samples of Floyd Landis because UCI wanted tests done quickly)

McLaren, Richard; USADA's representative on the Landis CAS-AAA Arbitration Panel.Canadian Arbitrator and Legal Professor.

McQuaid, Pat; head of the UCI.

Meier-Augenstein,Wolfram, a/k/a Herr Doctor, Landis witness on issue of chromotography, co-elution, background noise etc. Critic of LNDD lab interpretation og Landis "data"

Metabolite; decomposition product of some other substance. If you can't detect the substance, you may be able to find the metabolites.

Mongongu, Cynthia; LNDD lab technician who tested the Landis "A" sample, supervised the testing, by Claire Frelat, of the "B" sample from Stage 17 of the 2006 TdF and the "additional "B" samples, including reprocessing of all samples.

Moser, Francesco; head of the CPA; ex-rider. Has controversially called for, "liberalizing doping under pro-riders".

MSM, "Mainstream Media", anything not part of the blogosphere. Things that kill trees, use radio waves, or are the web presence of those who do.

OLN Outdoor Life Network, carried TdF in US; changed name to "VS". Sometimes called the "Only Lance Network."

Omerta, the "code of silence", originally related to criminal activities and described as,
the categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been victim of a crime.” In context, applied to both the unwillingness of cyclists to talk about doping, and more recently the WADA code of "ethics" for labs and lab personnel.

OOC Out of Competition test

OP, Operaction Puerto, Spanish police investigation into doping. Many accused, so far zero convictions.

Papp,Joseph; Professional cyclist, determined to have violated anti-doping rules who testified at the Landis trial that the professional peloton dopes and that they know how to dope, using testosterone and other drugs, without getting caught by doping controls.

PED Performance Enhancing Drug

Pepperdine University; Location in Malibu, California where the Landis disciplinary hearing took place.

Post, The, Nov 28 post on DPF, quoted at TBV and used against Landis at the hearing.

Pound, Richard; Founding head of WADA; announced departure in Fall 2007, likely to be replaced by Lamour.

Proficiency Test; Quarterly test of a laboratory by WADA where they are given samples and required to identify presence or absence of what is in them. Described in the ISL.

ProTour; cycling series run by UCI; replaced the World Cup. UCI wants this to include the Grand Tours; the GT organizations do not want to be subsumed by the ProTour.

PT May mean either ProTour or Proficiency Test

Rihs, Andy; Phonak team owner, head of Phonak hearing systems; owns BMC cycles.

Riis, Bjarne; CSC Team owner and DS; 1997 TdF champion, and as of 5/2007, admitted EPO user during that win.

Ressiot, Damien; Top investigative reporter for L'Equipe. Broke the "hack" story favorably to LNDD, implicating Landis without revealing any evidence. Under indictment in France for publishing confidential information injurious to Cedric Vasseur, among others, in the Confidis case, including evidence fabricated by the Police. Put together the LNDD/Armstrong/EPO story by getting the research data and the codes from Zorzoli.

Roostered, term coined and picked up in DPF discussions, similar to FUBAR.

Saiz, Manolo; Owner of the ProTour license and contracts for some riders on the team once known as Astana-Wurth, then maybe Astana. This is a mess. He's been implicated in Puerto with Fuentes, but not charged. The team went on without him and secured new sponsorship, but he still seems to hold some rights and wants compensation or to run his own team. The innocent victim here is Vino.

Schanzer,Wilhelm,Ph.D. Director of Cologne WADA Lab, USADA witness in the Landis case, that appeared by telephone

Screening Test; a simple, cheap test used to determine if there is reason to do a more complicated confirmation test.

Shackelton, Dr. Cedric; USADA witness on steroid metabolism, author of key paper cited by everyone.

Snark, snide
remark, often emitted by columnists, pundits and opinion makers when looking to score cheap points against an absent party. Also a boat, a thing hunted, and a primitive cruise missile. TBV is never snarky, and calls up others when they are. Uh huh.

Specialized Test; a test that is "specialized" beyond the normal set. These must be called out in AAF reports. Examples are the EPO test and the IRMS/CIR test.

Star Chamber, a legal or administrative body characterized by strict, aribitrary rulings and secretive proceedings. An metaphor for an historical and real Star Chamber, and a more recent film.

Suh, Maurice; Lead counsel for Floyd Landis in the Landis disciplinary hearing.

Supplimentary Procedures; The extra set of procedures used by a CAS-AAA Arbitration Panel in a disciplinary proceeding under the WADA Code.

T/E or TE Ratio of testosterone and epitestosterone

TBV Trust But Verify; you are here.

Trust but verify, the phrase.

TdF Tour de France

TFT That's !@#$ing Typical.

TH Tyler Hamilton

TLA Three Letter Acronym

TUE Therapeutic Use Exemption, apparently lots of pro roadies are asthmatics

UCI Union Cycliste Internationale

UPTC UCI ProTour Council

USADA US Anti-doping Agency, a tight-lipped, protocol-abiding organisation. Headed by Terry Madden. Chief dope cop is Travis Tygart.

USACycling, the American Cycling Federation. UCI referred the case to USACycling, which promptly delegated it to USADA. Headed by Steve Johnson.

Vaughters, Jonathon; Ex-cyclist, teammate at Postal. Runs Slipstream sports teams Involved in some of the current Andreu allegations/admissions.

Ventura, Robbie; Ex-cyclist now coach; Has worked with Landis, commented on 2006 Tour on OLN.

Vinokourav, Alexandre; Winner of the 2006 Vuelta, 34 year old Kazak rider on Astana was forced out of the 2006 tour because of teammates implicated in Puerto, but eventually cleared. In contract hell with Saiz. Formerly on T-Mobile. Known for crazy attacking style. A favorite in both ways in any race he is in.

VS; new name for OLN

Walking objection; Also known as the "talking objection", when used by a lawyer effectively, it instructs the witness what answer is expected under the guise of "objecting" to a question asked of the witness by the other party.

WADA World Anti-doping Agency

Witt, David; Landis' father-in-law.

Young Richard; Outside counsel and lead attorney for USADA in the Landis case. Also a member of the CAS Appeals Panel.

Young Gambit; The technique used by Young to blame Landis' attorney for any complaint they had about the proceedings. See also "Hoisting on own's own petard"

Young Ruse; The technique young used to introduce his own testimony through a leading and/or summarizing statement to which his witness answered "yes", thereby making Young's testimony evidence.

Z-Man; David Zabriskie.

Zabriskie, David; Rider for CSC, Landis' flatmate in Girona, Spain. Only American winner of stages at the Giro, Tour, and Vuelta.

Zorzoli, Dr. Mario; UCI Medical advisor, suspended for a month for having provided Armstrong's control forms to L'Equipe in the EPO testing affair of 2005, the only party to have received any discpline in that mess.



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