Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

Where's Floyd?
People have been asking what is up with FloydLandis.com, which seems to have been down for about a week. We haven't heard anything. If we're not mistaken, he'd better renew his domain before the end of June or some skank is likely to swipe the name.

We think he's laying low at home, waiting for a decision, and training for the rest of the NUE calendar, of which the next event is the Mohican 100 on Saturday.

Press Releases
TAS-CAS had a busy day, announcing

As we were getting ready for bed, TAS-CAS announced how the D'Arcy baby would be split: They ruled the proper procedure had not been followed, because the AOC President can't unilaterally make a decision to ban. They are allowing the Australian Olympic Committee to convene its own properly formed group to ban D'Arcy, or to petition CAS itself to render judgement. Unless AOC caves now, we don't really see this as a win for D'Arcy. The Press Release and the Full text of award are available online. (Save a copy of the award, as they vanish in a few months from the CAS website. )

And, in a Football (Soccer) contract dispute, we see more tortured history in the sort of dispute that CAS is supposed to do well, and in timely fashion -- and 147 paragraphs later, still seems to have bodged up, granting itself extra leave of time. I suppose we could look up if the player is worth the fight, but it is one of those stick and ball sports, so why bother?

Rant covers a lot of ground today including what may or may not be in the afterward of his new book "Dope". He asks his loyal readers about that, and more.


Eightzero said...

Anyone know if Floyd will be doing the Mohican 100 this weekend? His webpage/blog is down, and last I looked hadn't been updated since January.

wschart said...

Another case of a USADA collector showing up at perhaps not the best time:


Thomas A. Fine said...

The expiration date for floydlandis.com was changed today, and extended to June 2009. All other whois information remains as it was a week ago (according to www.who.is), so it looks like the same entity still owns it, whoever that is (the information is kept private by the registrar).

Presumably if someone is taking care of this, they'll also be paying the webhosting bill to bring back the website. I wonder who's taking care of such matters these days?


Ali said...

I suppose it's a fine line to draw between knowing when you have to move on and when you should stay in touch with a bad period in your life.

It's maybe difficult for us observers to really appreciate the stress the Landis clan must have been under for this period of time.

Yes, I'd like to know what's happening, but if it came down a decision of tethering Floyd to this situation or allowing him to move on and lead a normal life again, I know which I'd choose.

For me, the goal of this union was to allow this guy, who I believed to be innocent, to move on and continue his career. If that happens and we never hear from him again, I think we should all leave with a warm feeling.

Thomas A. Fine said...

I don't think man of us can understand the stress at all. I've haven't experience any kind of upheaval like that in my life so far.

I think the idea for me (and probably for others) stopped being about fixing his career a while ago, and became more about fixing the system, or at least highlighting it's problems. I certainly hope he can have more of a career, but win or lose, two years are gone.

And yeah, I probably shouldn't wonder aloud about things that amount to gossip. But I still wonder.