Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Roundup

The CyclingNews posts more about the "little blue pills" allegedly belonging to cyclist Andrea Moletta's father, and ostensibly due for use by him as a PED. There are also now denials by the UCI that Andrey Kashechkin has been cleared to race, and even if the Kazakh rider were cleared by his national federation it seems likely that the UCI would appeal the case to the CAS.

The Bemidji Pioneer passes along a piece about Greg LeMond's ongoing feud with Trek and Lance Armstrong in which LeMond states that he said nothing disparaging about Armstrong and doping, he was only "stating fact and telling the truth." LeMond also asserts that Trek, with whom he is also battling, has refused to publish any positive comments about LeMond bikes scheming to only post the negative.


djingal said...

With Greg LeMond, someone always seems out to get him. Poor Greg. The lone fighter for justice and truth in the cycling world. The only true winner who rode clean. Though he can't prove it. Unlike Armstrong, who was always tested and always proven clean, LeMond was seldom if ever tested in those good old days. He did ride in a peloton riddled with drug use, but hey, HE won because he was so just so damn good. Almost everyone else won because they were doping, which goes to prove Greg's theory that HE is truly the best. Greg came back after a horrific gun accident, and won the Tour. But he rode clean! Lance came back after cancer and won. But he must have been doping. As for Trek,I feel for them. It'll be a long time before they'll be able to shake loose from complaining, whining, vendictive Greg.