Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Roundup

Landis and Joe Biker at the site of tomorrow's Mohican 100

Joe Biker sends a picture from his phone, above. Landis looks to be in decent shape. Joe earlier gave us his training tips for the Mohican on the wise use of a ball-peen hammer.

Racejunkie comments on the latest happenings at the Giro, and also finds the time to wonder if Iban Mayo, and Floyd Landis will be old, gray, and rocker-bound by the time they hear their CAS results.

Rant notes the brisk business that the CAS seems to be doing of late what with the D'Arcy, Gatlin, and Landis cases, among others, making news. Speaking of the Landis case decision announcement, it may have been set back to late June or even later. Rant also comments on a Post article about cycling with everyone's "favorite" reformed cyclist David Millar once again speaking for the sport. But, when the riders themselves are thrown under the bus Rant wonders where the sponsors, who demand their monies worth with good results, are?

BoxOffice gives "Bigger, Stronger, Faster", a documentary on steroid use with an interview of Landis, a mostly positive review. The review finds the conclusion weak, it thinks the film provides a nuanced look at the complexity of the subject, and avoids easy answers.

Steelers Fever Forum contains at least one fan who thinks Floyd Landis did not cheat at the 2006 TdF.


Ali said...

Late June or even later for the Landis decision ?

That's way too soon ! I'm loving this waiting game now. I propose that CAS stick it out until at least November or December. Yeah, bring it on. I mean it's not like anyone is really interested in the outcome, is it ?

(hand me the straitjacket and direct me to the padded room, please)

Eightzero said...

What is the collective wisdom regarding the timing of the decision? Do we think later indicates a greater likelihood of a finding in favor of either side?

Conventional wisdom in real courts (i.e. those that involve actual law, process, and intentions of justice) lean toward acquittals from juries later, but convictions coming sooner. But as we all know, there is no CAS jury.

It may boil down to how activist the CAS wishes to be. A "you gotta be kidding me" award in favor of FL could come quickly, but could be seen by some as a serious blow to The Powers That Be just before The Games. Maybe the CAS would like to do that in early September? Or a "no, cheaters never prosper" in favor of USADA might make athletes conclude they're screwed, so if they're gonna do the time, it is best to do the crime in Bejing.

I'm not sure. Be interesting if there was some historial data on these 3 arbs to be able to tell.