Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Roundup

SF Chronicle/Crumpacker touts USADA's "undirty dozen" program.


Racejunkie writes mostly about the Giro and "Gibo's" competition, but slips in a reference to the denials of wrongdoing from Andrea Moletta's dad, oh those little blue pills.


bobble said...

So according to UCI/WADA the Little Blue Pills are performance enhancing a couple of different ways? Wow! I just didn't know!

Imagine the horror if these guys are juiced up on testosterone (allegedly) and Little Blue Pills?!?!

The mind reels!

ms said...

Scientific American:

Why do cyclists cheat? The game theory analysis of doping in cycling (below), which is closely modeled on the game of prisoner’s dilemma, shows why cheating by doping is rational, based solely on the incentives and expected values of the payoffs built into current competition. (The expected value is the value of a successful outcome multiplied by the probability of achieving that outcome.) The payoffs assumed are not unrealistic, but they are given only for illustration; the labels “high,” “temptation,” “sucker” and “low” in the matrices correspond to the standard names of strategies in prisoner’s dilemma. It is also assumed that if competitors are playing “on a level playing field” (all are cheating, or all are rule-abiding), their winnings will total $1 million each, without further adjustment for a doping advantage.

—Peter Brown, Staff Editor

The Doping Game: Payoffs That Make Cheaters Into Losers