Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

USAToday says Landis is riding a multi-day awareness event for wounded soldiers.

Pro cyclist Floyd Landis will bike to Charlotte along with the service members. The journey ends at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

Looks like Teva Mountain Games last year. (Photo: Doug Pensinger, Getty Images)

ESPN posts the AP report on Canadian wheelchair athlete Jeff Adams' CAS decision:
"In what can only be characterized as a total vindication," Adams' lawyer Tim Danson said the three-judge panel concluded that there was no prohibited substance in Adams' system at the time of the competition or at the time he was drug tested.

ESPN files more CAS news with a Reuters report covering the case of Justin Gatlin. Lawyer Maurice Suh has asked the CAS to ignore a previous positive for ADD medication when it deliberates Gatlin's case in the run up to the Olympics. The split baby for him would be to win his case, but have it be announced after it is too late for his attempt at the Games. Gatlin is a witness in the BALCO case, and has not been implicated in any of those shenanigans except as a cooperative athlete.

says Mayo finally got his hearing, with a ruling "expected in June". Racejunkie will be all over this.

TAS-CAS has its press release on Jeff Adams, spinning the hard-line way:
Lausanne, 20 May 2008 – The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has partially upheld the appeal filed by the Canadian Paralympic track and field athlete, Jeffrey Adams, against a decision rendered by the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada dated 11 June 2007. In agreement with the challenged decision, Mr Adams is found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation; however, the CAS Panel has determined that in the unique circumstances of this case, Mr Adams’ ineligibility period shall be eliminated because he was not at fault.

Rant comments on the Adams decision noting that the CAS panel ruling on his case disagreed with testimony from a few familiar Landis case characters. Rant notes the concept of "strict liability" has raised its rather ugly head, again.

Potholes and Roadapples has more on the six-day wounded veteren support ride Landis is starting, with the Official Site link -- from which we learn that USA Today writer Sal Ruibal has a blog and some cycling stories of his own.


Eightzero said...

Man, is it great to see a picture of Floyd on a road bike.

Unknown said...

Not just a road bike, but his preferred BMC with Zipp wheels, rear laced to a PowerTap. Good to see him on the famiiar rig.

During a ride out of Ephrata last summer, Floyd commented that I have a nice bike (Cervelo SLC / Dura Ace / Reynolds & Reynolds/PT Wheels, wheels from wheelbuilder.com / Richard Sawris). Floyd was on a nice loaner bike supplied by his good friends at Green Mountain Cyclery and I offered to swap pedals if he'd like to throw a leg over and take it for a while. Floyd kind of demured and said something like it would be his luck that he might break the bike and have to pay me to replace it. (I would have liked to have seen his numbers on my PT download, even on an easy recreational ride)

For the record, if broke, I wouldn't accept any money from him, but his point was well taken about his recent bad luck.


Unknown said...

Correction: a closer look indicats a non-PT rear hub. What I had thought looked like the CF window of a PT hub, is probably a shadow. No cpu or mount showing. Either way, good to see him on a bike he seems to enjoy riding.