Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stolen from Fatty: the Triathalon

Shamelessly inspired by Fatty, we're considering holding our own Triathalon over the weekend of October 5th.

The events would be (1) walking up the long driveway; (2) doggy paddling in circles hanging onto Fun Noodles while holding adult beverages out of the water; and (3) riding to and up the Mt. Diablo Challenge. The first two may be less demanding than Fatty's troika, but we guarantee (3) will be as hard as you like.

Mix in reconnoiter/training rides on Friday and Saturday, and perhaps some Winery touring the week before or after for a richer experience.

Let's try to all hang together at least this once.

Except for dates, this is pretty vague. Interested folks can let us know and we'll work out real plans.



whareagle said...

Mt. Diablo sounds fun, actually. Count me in, unless "Nacerima" Airlines starts charging baggage as extra passengers and considers them full-fare. As it is, I'll be shipping my bike boxes everywhere, and getting in line for a Ritchey Breakaway.

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

I'm penciling in this on the Rant calendar. It'll be a fine test of fitness to see how the speedbumps we call hills out here will prepare me for the real thing...

TiGirl said...

So when does registration begin? this a sanctioned event? And have you contacted WADA/USADA yet about making sure there are doping controls???? And be srue to tell Dick that my Harley is ready to go! HA!