Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Roundup

ESPN posts a short AP piece about Jan Ullrich's case against former employer Coast from whom he is seeking compensation for services. Coast refuses to pay him on the assumption that he was doping, and thus deceiving them, when he rode. Lawyers plan to pursue the doping allegations in the questioning of Ullrich this week.

Tuttobici (It) [google translation] says Le Tour is going to fine teams 100,000 Euros for a doping positive, and the teams had better agree to this "pledge" Or Else.

We're in favor of punishing teams -- our standing proposal is to cost the team a starting slot for each suspended/banned racer for the length of the suspension. We're not sure a fine is adequate, but it is a start. Except for the unilateral nature of ASO's imposition, this doesn't seem like a bad idea to us.