Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Roundup

The CyclingNews provides a bit more on the "suspicious" blood profiles found during the analysis of 2,172 samples collected thus far this year. Of those approximately 23 were deemed suspicious and one faces definite sanctioning while four more may potentially earn bans. WADA is of course not taking part in the program due to the law suit surrounding former president Dick Pound. The piece also gives the composition of the panel interpreting the results of the bio passport's profiles.

The Guardian writes about the bio passport program and the fact that some have apparently been deemed suspicious. It also mentions that a "doping audit" commissioned by UCI boss Pat McQuaid after the "Landis affair" is nearing completion, we await its results with curiosity.

Racejunkie wants to know "who it is!!?" who was caught in the latest UCI rat trap. At least she knows it's NOT Floyd! We do however resent being called lurid vultures, though perhaps the moniker is appropriate.

Neil@Road wants us to trust him as he subscribes to the Floyd Landis philosophy of "no such thing as overtraining" Trust Neil? Don't know about that, he's a sly one.

For those of you who have read The Fat Cyclist over the years we are including one more entry which is related to yesterday's sad news, just so you who are interested or moved can find out more. Prayers for a miracle are needed, but Fatty and Susan have courage that is astounding, give it a read it will put your life into proper perspective.