Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Roundup

The CyclingNews says that the UCI has placed Bjorn Leukemans back into its "whereabouts" system thus indicating that at least for now he can ride, IF he can find a team that will take him.

The NY Times
writes about the distinct possibility that over 100 major league ball players could be prosecuted for steroid usage linked to tests from 2003:

According to a lawyer who spoke on condition of anonymity because the government’s plans are supposed to remain confidential, federal authorities will seek to question each of the 104 players about where and how they obtained the substance detected in their urine samples. The authorities then intend to distribute the information they receive to federal prosecutors around the country

If this precedent is set, it is unclear how this could effect anyone who has ever tested positive for any PED in any sport.


Rant notes that even the "high and mighty", like the IHT, can make mistakes. Oops indeed.


Eightzero said...

I wonder if Michael Ball has access to UCI whereabouts database. I think he might want to make a call; right after he gets off the phone with Petacchi.

whareagle said...

Speaking of Rock - Tyler is ill, but he's been one of the four to survive so far on the team. It's funny - the Aholes at the 'other' site are having a field day poking at him, but I don't think they've ever raced in a tropical, high altitude, steep-terrained developing country before.

Unknown said...

With a very few exceptions, the other site is a lost cause. Vaughn, Steve from Atl and a few others have some sense about them.

Kate, I'll be working on that letter now.