Monday, May 19, 2008

By the way

A year ago, we were in the middle of the public AAA hearing on the Landis case. Our contemporaneous coverage is here.

May 14, 2007. Press room; TBV is set up, but the circus has not yet arrived.

Mongongu, De Ceaurizz and Frelat arrive on the morning of Mongongu's cross-examination.

"The Race to the Bottom"

Brenna looked pained.


highwheel said...

Did anyone notice that the daily peloton forum page has been suspended? Is it because of the corrosive, narrow-minded comments of some posters???

whareagle said...

Naw, it's being transferred over to a new server. Wait 24 hours and then get your daily peloton forum dose of sycophant again at your leisure.

Ali said...

Let's say, hypothetically, that someone was pretty steady going up climbs. Maybe not burning them up but picking up lots of places along the way. However, the same person seems to loose all their gains on the flats, when all the people they just passed on the climb come storming past them.

How does that work ? How would one become better/faster on the flat ?

whareagle said...

Sounds to me like a drag problem.

At speed, power means less if you have an inefficient aero profile. But when you climb, the aero component is diminished, and the gravity component begins to take over. So if you're strong, but not aero, it is possible to be a good climber, but not necessarily a good flatlander.

Just my $.02...

Ali said...


Just your $0.02 worth ? Please, false modesty is not welcome here. Your opinion is worth more to me than most peoples. At least I know you're the real deal.

Drag may indeed be a factor. I'm quite tall and unfortunately wore a windbreaking top which was a bit flappy at high speeds. My intention was to jus wear it until temperatures rose above 5 C, but once I was going, I never got round to stopping to remove it (I may point you to some pics, if they become available).

Anyway, thanks for the advice. At least I've something to work on now.

Cheers, Ali

Ali said...

"Brenna looked pained"

Yep, a guilty conscience is a horrible thing to be carrying around.

I heard that CAS hearings can be beneficial in removing that sort of guilt by a rather unique technique ... exposure to the truth. Oh Yes, let it be true ... let the truth dominate (for a change)

whareagle said...


The new iAero will actually calculate CdA in a real-time setting, as long as you're coasting, and if you do the iAero with either a Quarq or SRM, you can get real-time, full-time CdA. I used it about 3 weeks ago to give myself about a 3 minute advantage, then successfully spent those savings to get a Top 5 in a local 'rally' (non-race that really is a race, if you know what I mean).

E-mail me off-list and I'll set you up with one if you like. It can teach you how to hide from the wind, if not the USADA goons.

Ali said...

Whareagle, I'll take you up on your offer and e-mail you for advice.

However, I just wanted to post these pictures to show how accurate your diagnosis was, regarding drag. Teqhnique and fitness aside, I'm sure that the fact that I was wearing a FREAKIN' AIR-BRAKE didn't help ...



Laura Challoner, DVM said...

It is hot in Malibu this year, contrasted to the almost Wisconsin like weather there last year. Riding the canyon climbs was fun after the hearings concluded but cold as the sun went down!

whareagle said...

We're compatible with that Garmin thingy on your stem, too! :)

And yes, drogue chutes exist for a reason! Anyone up for a seersucker outfit? Rock Racing has their shopping site up now! ;)

Russ said...

Hey Everybody!!!

Ali said above:
"However, I just wanted to post these pictures to show how accurate your diagnosis was, regarding drag."

You better follow his link and buy his pictures now, cause when Floyd wins, the prices are going sky high!

btw Ali, I Love my iBike Aero:-)


Ali said...


I hope you're at least partially right (the first part).

The Incredible Inflating Jacket will be kept for commuting purposes from now on ... clearly a highly effective means of resistance training !

Cheers, Ali