Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Roundup

Floyd Landis started the Mohican 100 at 7AM this morning...

The good news is that Landis will have no trouble making his flight from Ohio to appear at the Dana Point race tomorrow. The bad news is that his race bike fell off someone else's car bringing it up on the way, and now a lucky soul has a high grade souvenir (if it isn't bent up too much). He started the Mohican on a borrowed bike, and managed to crash 10 miles in. This left him with a smashed helmet (there's a safety tip there, kids), bruised ribs, and an early departure for the airport.

Team Dicky took 2nd, single speed, and doesn't seem to have seen Landis. Given the general confusion, and Floyd's early exit, not surprising. No other results yet.

The Mount Vernon News previews this morning's Mohican 100.

The Ashland Times Gazette also previews the race. Check out the prize money to be given-- these guys do it for the love of it, pure and simple.

The Morning Call gives "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" a positive review.

Mieappolis Star Tribune/Imsande isn't happy with the Pistorius decision, and think it bodes on the upcoming Landis award. If only.

WADAwatch has dire warnings for any cyclists who participate in the ASO/FFC controlled Tour de France this year. Just look at how Floyd Landis was treated in their process:

In the Decision that emerged from this extraordinary second French case against Landis, no judges are named, no expert's testimony appears to have been cross–examined, and the sum total of damning evidence that is contained in that record, was that the Agency published its 'Decision' (Derision?), miraculously on the same calendar day as it received the bulk of Landis' Attorneys' legal filings.

Unclear as these legally damning items were, even more so is the questionable legitimacy of the legal regulation under which Landis was prosecuted in France. The one clear part of this ultralight decision, is that it states categorically that France holds jurisdiction over this man as an 'unlicensed cyclist'.

But, you, as a peer of Floyd, know that he has always held a license from USACycling. He has been a 'licensed American pro cyclist' every year his foot touched a pedal in the Tour. How then, can the French Agence fran├žaise du lutte du dopage, or AFLD, prosecute him as unlicensed? How could any French Appellate Court, whether administrative or otherwise, not overturn such a blatantly unreal reality?

Ww then takes us into the LNDD time tunnel to things which should be remembered and noted. "Riders on the Storm" indeed.


Unknown said...

the bike fell off his car and he didn't notice ? boy he must've been drunk or something

DBrower said...

Somebody else's car, who had a rack that was supposed to be reliable...

Fixed the wording.