Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

Flopyd Landis has made a statement on the FFF web site that he will appeal the 2-1 decision that went against him. See our FLASH above.


The CyclingNews also announces that Oscar Pereiro will be presented the yellow jersey as 2006 Tour de France champion at a ceremony in Madrid on Monday October 15th 6PM local time. Tour director Christian Prudhomme, Amaury Sports Organisation president Patrice Clerc, and Spanish Minister of Sport Jamie Lissavetzky will be among those in attendance. Also apparently CONI and WADA are not through yet with Alesaandro Petacchi.

Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times feels sorry for and angry at Marion Jones, and hoped she would tell the whole truth when she confessed unlike Floyd Landis who seems unable or unwilling to do so.

The Deseret Morning News thinks that obvious rampant doping, lying athletes, and difficult detection back up cynicism over sports.

The CapeCod Times says that thanks to people like Floyd Landis we find ourselves at the cross streets " too good to be true" and "it wasn't".

The Baltimore Sun's David Steele takes more of the typical shots equating Landis with Jones. Among the snarks:
Landis today took the final appeal of the decision to overturn his 2006 Tour de France victory to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. In some minds even now, this defines him as "plucky."

Rant wonders how do we trust someone we don't personally know, such as an athlete or politician? In light of all of the admissions of guilt lately it is now harder than ever for those who ARE telling the truth to be believed. And how about some patience from the UCI, they should at least wait the 30 days Floyd Landis has to decide on an appeal to the CAS, which is his right, before giving the yellow jersey and the winner's money to Oscar Pereiro. writes Part 2 on steroid use in the NHL and of course Floyd Landis get a mention, though it's doubtful he's ever played hockey.

Husawis thinks we ARE a nation of cheaters, all of us in the US. And he also thinks, with a bit of hyperbole, that Marion Jones died for our sins.

The Triathlon Daily
hopes the awarding of the yellow jersey to Oscar Pereiro will mark the end of the Landis saga. He's not alone in being mistaken on that point.

Dugard lost his first pots of the day in the ether of the net, so in this one he praises Marion Jones for returning her medals feeling it's the right thing to do. He also feels it's right for Pereiro to get the yellow jersey from the 2006 TdF

Book In Hand finally read Positively False, and has a positive reaction despite the tone of recent coverage.

Male Pattern Fitness dimissses what he calls three commonly held myths about steroids, while passing on a fourth -- that

Landis has been using the O.J. defense, saying that officials are prejudiced and his samples were mishandled. But I don't think there's any way to mishandle urine in a way that it comes up positive for synthetic testosterone in both the A and B samples. That would be the result of a criminal conspiracy, not a lab error.

Nope, Landis didn't use the OJ defense, and the mishandling was in the systematic use of a broken procedure to detect exogenous testosterone. Unfortunately, most people let their eyes glaze over before getting to the details, and just accept the simplest narratives.

Chris@Podium Cafe notes today's announcement of Floyd Landis' intention to appeal his case to the CAS.

Environmental Chemistry
thinks that the Landis appeal gives months of life to the Landis case, and that the CAS ruling may not even be the last word, and we agree. He's also looking for a previously uninvolved scientist to look at the evidence with an open mind.

Sports Forward writes about the just announced Landis appeal, and also that Oscar Pereiro will still get the yellow jersey for the 2006 Tour de France on Monday.

Justin Cooper
is of the opinion that Floyd Landis will not win any appeal to the CAS, and he wonders just how long it will take to rid cycling of cheats.

Phantom Reflections
is delighted that Floyd Landis will continue his fight for justice, and wants the cycling world to take note.

The Outside Blog mentions the Landis appeal.


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ESPN reporting that Floyd will continue the fight.

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