Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

Be sure to take the time to read "Bill Hue's Review" on the Landis decision.

The CyclingNews says that Danilo DiLuca has been given the date of October 16 for his hearing with CONI and should find out about the length of his suspension stemming from the "oil for drugs" doping case.

Rant has lots to say as he covers three stories including Lance Armstrong's long awaited comments on the Landis decision, the Rasmussen case and possible sources of leaks of test results from L'Equipe or could it be the UCI, and the problems with a new kind of anti-doping test that looks for traces of hormones rather than the PEDs themselves.

Steroid Nation read Lance Armstrong's comments on the Landis case with interest, and has a couple of questions. If Lance was so distanced from cycling, as he claimed he was last month, and had not followed the Landis case closely how could he come up with the strong opinions he expressed last night? SN also wonders why the press lets Armstrong get away with such contradictions.

Sara Best has a very interesting take on what may have motivated Lance Armstrong to finally speak up about the Landis decision.

Go Faster Jim was at Interbike recently and says that no one mentioned Floyd Landis or doping.

The Long Run agrees with Justice Bill Hue's assessment of the Landis hearing and feels it truly was/is "The Star Chamber".

The Common Cause Blog
makes a comment about bloated public spending in New Jersey and misstates facts from the Landis case to make a point.

The K LIne
compares Floyd Landis and justice to OJ, sort of.

Kevin Thinking posts an amusing little fictional anecdote to illustrate the crocodile tears he shed in sympathy with Floyd Landis.

Dugard had a great run, and is glad that Lance Armstrong finally commented on the Landis case.


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Wikirage lists the pages in Wikipedia which are receiving the most edits per unique editor over various periods of time. Floyd is in 86th place for the week, Richard Dawkins is 83rd for the day.