Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Roundup

The Beaver Valley Times' Mark Madden says steroids just won't go away, and do we really believe that the NFL is that much cleaner than cycling?

The Pitt News
sees the proliferation of asterisk use in sports as a natural consequence of the times we live in, and that includes bulls and Red Bull. We're corrected that Landis was accused of steroid use, which are not anabolic steroids.

The CyclingNews reports that Astana, who is reputedly becoming "Disco Lite," has not been paying its' employees many of whom are understandably disillusioned with cycling. In better news, word has it that New York City is now more bicycle friendly.

The VeloNews Monday Mailbag contains a letter this week which equates the Marion Jones confession of steroid use to Floyd Landis' alleged "stonewalling" and says that naturally cheaters are obviously liars as well.

Pommi briefs us on Diablo noting that Floyd Landis was otherwise occupied.

ScottsSpot talks about truth, as if anyone knows what that really is anymore.

The Williwaw Endeavor thinks he has found music that would have inspired Floyd Landis, no enhancements needed.

Rachel writes about her weekend cycling and running adventures, and mentions a guy who claimed he is friends with Floyd Landis and almost got him to join in on the Tour of Poway. She just about believed him until she blew by him on a climb. Besides, if he was going to any event Sunday, it would have been the Mt. Diablo Challenge. We had bib #60 all ready to go.


BustinBilly said...

Floyd was indeed accused and found to have used a steroid. Testosterone is a steroid.

He was not accused and found to have used an anabolic steroid.

strbuk said...

BB I understand the distinction, I am not sure that most who of those who writes about this do.