Friday, October 26, 2007

Late Story From Leadville

Reader Dan Wiz emails the following story and pictures:

With "The Maestro" of brew procurement. Click for bigger.


I live in Colorado and went to cheer him and the others on at the Leadville 100. As my friends and I went to the finish line late in the day, I cut through a parking lot and noticed a guy on his cell phone, dressed a bit incognito with cowboy hat, glasses, jeans and a tshirt. For some reason, I just had a weird feeling about the person in question. As I continued to walk, he and I caught eyes, he smiled, it was at that time that I realized it was the Champ. I approached him, shook hands, and exchanged some pleasantries. Floyd, my friend, and I stood around and talked, had him sign a few things but even more cool was what my friend offered him. He says, "Floyd, you want a beer". Floyd says, "man, I'd love one." So Chuck runs to a beer tent comes out with two beers and we all share a quick drink and a very cool toast to the Champ and his wicked efforts at one of the hardest MTB endurance races around. So for a good 15 minutes the three of us stood around chattin and drinkin before the rest of the masses realized what was going on and that Floyd was present. Floyd had rave reviews of the race and just how hard it was, he also had rave reviews of the New Belgium brew. Floyd was so approachable and gracious. He took the time to speak to all, autograph stuff and was just super cool. I have a real hard time in believing all that has gone on with him, I read the trust but verify site on a daily basis. All that has gone just does not seem to be valid and is really unbelieveable to say the least.

Floyd and Dan Wiz after Leadville. Click for bigger.


cat2bike said...

Great story and pics!! Thank you!! Floyd stories are never late, and you made me smile and feel that warmness that shows in your story!!
My day will be a lot better.


ms said...

with a name like wiz you better be able to drink a lot of beer. he said wiz.