Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Roundup

The CyclingNews reports that Paolo Bettini indeed won a second consecutive World Championships yesterday , thus sticking his finger in the eye of the UCI (for not signing the "pledge") and local officials in Stuttgart who did not want him to ride. In other UCI news the association of race organizers has told the UCI that next year's race calendar is unacceptable.

The VeloNews
notes that Paolo Bettini got the best revenge.

The Montreal Gazette's Jack Todd, in a Monday morning roundup column, suggest that he will consider Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis heroes when they finally confess they took PEDS the way Canadian cyclist Geneviève Jeanson did. He doesn't say what he'll think if they never confess and wind up being innocent has two doping articles posted on its' website. The first concerns last week's "Operation Raw Deal" steroid bust made by the DEA in the US, and the second piece is about the apathy felt by the general public when it comes to doping in sports.


The New Common Sense ponders the Landis case, in what he promises is the last blog entry on it, unless Floyd appeals of course. Common Sense is convinced more than ever that Landis did not cheat and wonders how anyone can trust the LNDD, or a system that is so rigged in every way in favor of WADA/USADA.

Fast Eddie, after watching the strangest cartoon we have seen in quite some time, says drugs make the world go 'round, ask Floyd Landis. Go watch the short, it's worth the time. Just don't watch it before you go to bed or you'll dream scary dreams.

rambles a lot about minutia and thinks Floyd Landis is a lot of a prat (a fool, idiot or objectionable person. Originally meaning the buttocks.) Mrs T ought to know.

VeloChimp agrees with Levi Leipheimer about Floyd Landis being a constant source of conversation in cycling circles. But aren't cortisone injections allowed in cycling with an exemption?

Shoji feels that with all of the cynicism in sports now, due to Floyd Landis Michael Vick and various others, we need real sports heroes.

Additional World posts a year old FredCast that is interesting to reminisce about in retrospect.


Unknown said...

Here is a recent example of how different sports handle doping charges:

A trimmer from Alinghi, the winning boat/team in the most recent America's Cup, had a positive drug tests associated with the 2nd race of the finals.

According to the statement, the New Zealander appeared before a five-man America's Cup jury in London on Wednesday which cleared him of any fault of negligence.

"This comes as a relief to me as I have never knowingly taken a banned substance," Daubney is quoted as saying. "However, until this matter is completely resolved, I have resigned from Alinghi, so that they can go about their business without distraction."

Daubney said he believed that he had received the unnamed substance as result of "contamination and/or drink-spiking."
End Quote

Where are the leaks, hystrionics, alphabet soup infighting, and the athletes' complete liability for anything they ingest (accidentially or otherwise) that are associated with professional road cycling?????