Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

From the "Where did the Time Go?" department:

It hardly seems possible that it was a year ago today, after two months of pestering him with the Floyd Landis materials I had gleaned, that TBV asked me if I would be willing to start posting them myself. Since I live in the East it only made sense that someone as obsessed as I am with the case could help out by beginning the Roundup earlier every day, and so I did. It's been more interesting than I could have imagined, and through this long and still continuing journey I've been pleased to meet wonderful and dedicated people. To keep it short, sweet, and not mawkish, thanks for asking TBV!

The VeloNews reports that five time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain is adamant that he never doped his way to any of his victories, it's the way he denies it that is interesting:

"I would say ‘no.' I passed all the controls, thousands of them, so many I lost count. It's something normal; you win, you pass controls and there's no problem," Indurain said. "What's happening today is that everything is in doubt."

In the VeloNews EuroFile it's apparent that Ivan Basso's relatively short suspension is allowing him to stay focused and in shape.

The CyclingNews says that despite appearances to the contrary Patrik Sinkewitz claims there was no organized talk of doping within T-Mobile in the 2007 competitive year. In the PM update Jonathan Vaughters is quoted as being enthusiastic about the newly devised "blood passport" idea which came out of last week's doping summit in Paris and is similar to the Slipstream Chipotle program already in use.

The Boulder Report
is all over the place this week with opinions on everything from Johan Bruyneel's "retirement" to the Andrey Kashechkin's claim that testing for PEDs is a violation of his "human rights". Most amusing comment might be:

2008 Tour de France Course To Include Team Blood Draw Stage
Well, that’s not true. It’s individual, so instead of a prologue they’ll just award the yellow jersey to the rider with the best blood chemistry (and by best I mean it doesn’t look like it belongs in “28 Days Later”).

Podium Cafe is running its "rider of the year" survey all week, but the popular vote may not win out anyway. Last year Floyd Landis won, but they gave the title to Alejandro Valverde for having "fewer clouds of doubt" surrounding him. No mention is made as to whether this decision was due to a Supreme Court ruling.

Sher-ing Time thinks she has come up with a clever Floyd Landis Halloween costume, but it's just inaccurate and snarky.

Wildpitch Page 6
posts a brief biography of Floyd Landis in his blog which features Mennonite heritage.

Mike Anderson shares an essay in which he gives the reader many reasons to not use performance enhancing drugs.


wschart said...


Appreciate all that you do here. TbV is part of my morning routine, and it is nice to have some new stuff up each day. And I am sure that TbV would not want to get up earlier enough to give us folk in the Eastern and Central TZs our morning news.

DBrower said...

TBV hates getting up, ever. I was so bummed about Stage 16 that Mrs. TBV couldn't wake me up to watch Stage 17 live (we have a Tivo), and you can see what the penance for that has been!