Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SoCal Fires

There were some annoying rumours earlier on Weds that Landis' house was a victim of one of the fires burning in Southern California. It's not true, there is nothing immediately near or threatening Murrieta. The Palomar training climb and the location where the "hip incident" happened are in danger, but no one has been riding near them to look.

An emailer did send us some pictures of the vicinity, suggesting an air quality that is not consistent with good training -- unless one is anticipating the atmospheric conditions near Beijing.

Not your usual smog.

But far enough in the distance not to be considered threatening.

Schools remained open. No "Fire Days" built into the schedule in California.


Mark said...

Actually all schools in San Diego County are closed for the week.

DBrower said...

Sorry for any confusion. Murrieta is in Riverside County.


cat2bike said...

Are people wearing masks to protect their lungs? My God, I wouldn't be able to breathe that air!!!

Bill Mc said...

I have to admit that the air quality here in southern California is often not so great, but the last couple of days have been a bit much even for us folks that live by the adage of "never breathe anything you can't see". I had to cut this morning's ride short because of smoke and ash in the air and will likely be on the indoor trainer tomorrow instead of going out.