Thursday, October 25, 2007

The lesson took

Rant gave Phil some pointers at a fundraiser a little while ago, and Phil seems to have taken them to heart in some of his recently reported comments. (Photo: Bill Hue).


whareagle said...

Okay, I'm having trouble finding Liggett's comments. Can anyone point me to them? I figure he's about the only spokesman left who can tell the UCI and ASO about the wonderful job they're doing in their 'let's destroy the sport we claim to love so much' marketing campaign...

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


Wish I could take credit for Phil's comments, but they were pure off-the-cuff Liggett. I don't think anything I've ever written or said has risen to the level of an "-ism" (as in Rantism vs. Liggettism). ;-)

About the sum total of my conversation with Phil was:

Liggett: "You write those blogs?"

Rant: "Well, just the ones at Rant ..."

Liggett: "Good on you."


Scroll down to the link to The Morning Call where they wrote about Phil's comments vis-a-vis jealousy.