Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Roundup

Team Polar posts a picture of one of its member with Floyd Landis taken at the speech Floyd gave last week in LA.

Su Mining 1 tells us how Americans feel after Lance:

Lance was an inspiration that everyone loved to follow. For a time, Floyd Landis seemed to have the same qualities, but he soon broke many viewers hearts and so we changed the channel and went back to our American-way of thinking about cycling: This sport is boring, who wants to watch a guy on a bike for 6 hours a day? Let's change the channel and watch some baseball.

It's not a bad piece.

Menno, in Dutch, talks about the Mennonite faith, with a reference (babelfish):

The mennonieten (or at) are the senior doperse still existing church. They have been named after to the friese priest Menno Simons, around 1540. he was a catholic priest until he saw that a baptist was fallen down for its belief. As from that moment he became important a voorvechter of the Doperse stroming. This church has spread himself concerning a large area, but has its influence especially does money by means of the English alternative, the baptists. They are nowadays the largest Doperse church. The most known mennoniet are Floyd Landis.

Important characterising:

* Just like other (still existing) Doperse churches peace-disposed.

In 2004, million there approximately 1 mennonieten member were.

In the Netherlands they doopsgezinden (and sometimes mennonieten or at) are called.

Derailed Duk is disappointed that Landis' house didn't burn down, taking his yellow jersey as well. He also imagines we're jolly folks because of a picture he found somewhere on the interweb. That's not true either, as we're dour, depressed descendants of folks who aren't sure if they're from Denmark or Sweden, as they moved the border at some point. But it doesn't matter, because it's all melancholy Scandinavia, and people playing chess with Death for lack of anything better to do.

An emailer sent us a copy of a medical article dealing with administration of Cortisone, no doubt prompted by our "Dangling Issue" post above. It's a bit beyond me, so if the sender would like to get the point, an email indicating what to look for would help. For those interested, the article is, "Intraarticular and soft tissue injections: What agent(s) to inject and how frequently?" by W Neal Roberts, Jr, MD.