Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Singing the Unsung

A year ago today, Paula saved TBV the site, and TBV the person from a complete collapse. She volunteered to start the roundup early on East-coast time, saving me from months of waking at 4:30am PT. Then, once hooked and used to the mechanics of blogging, she's done most of the updates to the roundup ever since. Paula even revealed the trade-secrets of the kick-ass brownies for those looking to fatten up their favorite cyclist.

There aren't enough words of appreciation for all we owe her in the last year, so we'll leave it as



Click. You know you want to.


nahual said...

Bow down to her on Sunday
Salute her when her birthday comes
Bow down to her on Sunday
Salute her when her birthday comes For Halloween give her a trumpet
And for Christmas, buy her a drum

Bob Dylan....She Belongs to Me

Paula, your roundups have been the first electronic offerings I've looked at since I found TBV.

And I'm hopin' and prayin' that the brownie recipe will cure my lysdexia and kick start me like a dodgamn yarleh!

riderguy said...

I continue to be spectacularly impressed by all the TBV (I am using that generically now) has done and continues to do.

Paula, you are amazing.

Colin McKenna

strbuk said...

TBV, you did it!! You made me cry :-) Thanks to you and to all for the kind words, but it IS a labor of love after all and hardly seems like work (well during the hearings it seemed like work, but you know what I mean...)

str (Paula)

PEM said...

First of all, TVB currently has some pretty amazing comment threads on the go, that I am not qualified to contribute, so I am expressing all my thanks to the participants here.

As for Paula, thank you for the daily roundups. Rarely have I clicked on this site first thing in the morning, before Paula has it already populated with links to visit.


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


Your efforts are most appreciated. Every morning, when I first fire up the computer, TBV is the first place I check (after reading my email from the night before).

I don't know where you get the energy from to keep doing this so well and so much (maybe it's the brownies), but whatever you're doing, keep it up!

Congrats on your one year anniversary as part of the TBV crew.

- Rant

Nancy Toby said...

Thank you to all of you. Thank you especially for bringing to light some of the bizarre and inexplicable shenanigans that occur within the drug testing establishment.

Mike Solberg said...

Paula, you rock. Thank you.

May justice be done in the CAS!

Mr. Idiot

mnlavey said...


Thanks for all of your efforts to shine the light on this matter in such a way that the readers can make up their own minds.


Rosemary said...

Thank you, I can't imagine my day without reading TBV.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

A year of daily updates. WOW! That is a feat of daily dedication. I can't even keep up with reading the daily updates and lead my regular life, let alone imagine trying to write the daily update.

My hat is off to you. I may not be able to read everyone any longer, but I do appreciate the fact that you do them.

whareagle said...

Thanks for allowing me my daily dose of hope for justice and redemption. You should be sainted, no matter what your pick o' faith or background.

Need any iBikes?

Cheryl from Maryland said...

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's SUPERPAULA!

bostonlondontokyo said...

Ms. Paula - I've really enjoyed this blog (though I still do not know where I sit on any side of the Landis fence) and particularly appreciate how current and up-to-date it is. It's one of the most professional blogs I know of, and for that, thank you

GMR said...


The diligence of your combing, disgesting and summarizing the Floyd-osphere are oft times better than the original material. Thank you for all your efforts.

Kudos! Standing Ovation!

-- GMR