Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Roundup

ProCycling says AFLD has let Peirero off the hook.

CyclingNews continues its negatively slanted coverage of Landis by saying the FFF has raised "only" $150,000 so far, misspelling Henson's name, and saying Landis has, "
allegedly asked the French anti-doping agency to hold off on its proceedings against him." In contrast, WADA didn't "allegedly" do anything, but "made a similar request of the French anti-doping agency."

Diggs has posted (or I should say "re-posted" from cyclingshots) an oldie but a goodie. THIS is what the Floyd Landis Power Camp can do for you my friends!

(under Cycling) notes that Landis eventually wants a second tour victory to make up for 2006.


Anonymous said...

ORG here ...


You see this?

Landis awaits a hearing before the three-person arbitration panel selected by his defense team and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Landis said he doubts the hearing will occur before the July 7 start of this year's Tour.

That hearing will decide if Landis will be barred from cycling for two years and if he will be stripped of his Tour de France title, Henson said.

Landis has requested that the hearing be at Pepperdine University in Malibu and that it be open to the public, Henson said.


No hearing before July???? Or, did he mean the judgement from the hearing (which could still be in March) won't be handed down until after July 7?

I'm confused as every other story that speculates on the hearing suggests it will be in March.

You have any intel on this?

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


For what it's worth, my sources tell me that the hearing has not been scheduled at all, yet. When it will happen is up in the air. And it could well be that the article is correct. The hearing may not even happen before July. I would hope it does, but given the time it takes to get a judgment afterwards, I would doubt that the judgment will come before then, even if the hearing does.

Regardless of how the judgment goes, whichever side loses will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. So at this point, sadly, it looks like a slim shot that all would be said and done before the Tour starts in London.

It's a shame, to put it mildly.

- Rant

Theresa said...

I wonder how the ASO is going to handle having no #1? That can't strip him til the verdict is in, Thank God.
Although, that's what the Giro did to Heras. But I don't think the Tour is crazy about Oscar, or the tue thing probably would not have come up.

Michael said...

The whole thing is F'd up. If the doping agencies were so "SURE" about the testing, they should be screaming to everyone, we want to go to court NOW, Not Tomorrow, not the next day. We want to go to court TODAY. Why are they stringing Landis along, just like they strung TH along?

Obviously USA Cycling doesn't care either. We haven't heard a word from them in support of our own US cyclists. I think this is BS. Why woudn't our own Cycling organization want this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Peirero's 'case' gets resolved in two weeks when he obviously didn't have the balls to respond to serious allegations from the beginning. The UCI backs him up 100%.

I'm crying foul and pour Landis is the poor guy who's life has been destroyed. No way Landis puts the information he has out to the public if he's guilty. NO WAY!!