Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Roundup

CyclingNews covers Madison, talking traffic safety and Birmingham hip.

Sam Abt of the IHT considers all the offseason doping news.

NY Daily News columnist makes snark: "No kidding, I really did try to open Floyd Landis' online defense last week, but my computer thought it was spam." Rim shot. Thanks, he'll be here all week.

SFTwin clarifies comments on Spokesman podcast.

Spinopsys thinks Landis' comment on taking the UCI down is indication he's lost touch with reality, drunk his own Kool-Aid, and probably jumped the shark.

Micro Persusion
considers the PR effort, likes it, but makes some under-informed recommendations. The community is way ahead of him. They had previously considered the case way back when.

Old (Sep 28) Banshee post on business impact. Looks like cannibalizing your stars is not in the best interests of anyone but Mr. Pound.

FLITM pokes fun, I hope, at Banshee's post yesterday, which was poking fun at him.

The Wikipedia defense got its own Wikipedia coverage on October 16, but not a full entry.

The LandisCase Wiki, still in startup, seems to have gotten another contributor, "Amateur", who I'm guessing is from the Now That's Amateur blog that posted a good review TBV covered last week. He's added some good detail about the case process and the contamination issue.

More help needed -- listen up DPF people!



Anonymous said...

Jumped the shark, peaked too early etc, etc.

It was a silly and stupid comment, and should be read as such, and will be around the rest of the world. The UCI and it's leadership will long outlive Landis.......not to mention the TdF, France and the French.

He's become amazingly boastful and is obviously living and basking in a Kool Aid feedback loop of his own making.

In Oz we call it thinking the sun shines out of his arse. Not a good look.

matt said...

Regarding the FLITM vs. Banshee after school fight, I was just busting his stones.

We decided to go out for ice cream instead.