Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Roundup

WMTV covers Madison appearance, text and video.

More detailed interview

by Madison Capital Times. Citing hip problems, he may not be in top form for the 2007 Tour, even if cleared.

Not mincing words, "I'm going to do everything I can to bring the down the UCI," said Landis with his usual candor.

Chris Fortune of Saris Cycling is thinking of setting up a defense fund.

On the Isle of Grenada, things including news move slowly, and we get this report yesterday about Landis complaining about errors in his tests.


The most useful discussions continue to be at Daily Peloton Forums. Some of them have veered deeply into science, and I'm unable to summarize with any useful accuracy. Floyd seems to have mostly left the building.

Banshee immortalizes FLITM, of the best T shirt designs:

Doucheblog goes after McQuaid for killing Phonak/iShares. Proprieter Hoovis seems to be my evil twin -- when I try to gently correct a silly website, he moves in with high explosives. See for instance yesterdays comments to Brad Kearns.

Bell Lap admits to changing his mind completely since August.

Straight Dope points to the rap video Bikin Dirty again.

Nashville Cyclist says Floyd and Jan should shut up.

Future ProjectUnknown says, "Floyd Landis should shut his mouth and give up his defense, because no matter what he will be a cheater. "

I guess Floyd will think both of the above are losers. Pix at left may have been taken when he heard of them. Or not.

Ongoing discussion at Corante is mostly pointless, but talks about TBV so we'll plug ourselves because we can.

Lengthy and Detailed "modern" history of doping control in cycling and the formation of WADA and integration with the UCI, from Daily Peloton in 2003. Added to Key References.

The LandisCase Wiki in early startup, needs more contributors.

Youse people at DPF, help out, please.



Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Not your evil twin, just someone who follows your links.

Keep up the good work, man...

Anonymous said...

Is it interesting that when McQuaid is trying to turn attention away from Landis and toward OP, Landis is saying he wants to destroy the UCI.

If you were intepreting their language, who would you bet has the upper hand in this case?

Anonymous said...

Sure anyone who has really followed this whole mess knows that Mcquaid et al are behind the eight ball, have been since they leaked the information from day one. Now that most in the cycling community have had a chance to see the facts for real, the slam dunk that Mcquaid and the UCI thought they had is really shaky. Floyd is on the attack, as he should be, and they are feeling the heat. And they should, many racers, sponsors, and teams have lost their livelyhood because of the actions of the UCI. Imagine the liability involved when Floyd is exonerated. If I were McQuaid and the UCI I would be trying to shut this up as well. Guess what Pat old boy, AIN'T Gonna Happen! Reap It! Congrats as always TBV, and your friends are always behind you Floyd. Thanks again. Mike Green Mountain Cyclery, Ephrata, PA.