Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Roundup


McQuaid dismisses Landis effort, says you can put anything in PowerPoint, threatens CAS appeal in Mercury News; also, blurb succinctly shows uphill gradiant. The statistics don't look good. A separate large article is fair and comprehensive.

Chicago Tribune does good story, balanced with ADA side hitting back.

CyclingNews gets around to noticing, with an exceptionally neutral tone.
ProCycling covers the basics.

Pittsburgh paper carries AP report, but uses a happy Floyd picture instead of a weaseling doper facing his accusers image. Thus changes the world.

Minneapolis StarTribune puts in in a wrapup, above youth baseball.
InsideBayArea rates it below Golf, above College Football (!)

Lemond says cycling needs to be brought to it's knees before it can be fixed, in long article about appearance in Natick Mass. This could be the case, one way or another.

Too good to miss, but no Floyd: Badass idiot by Fred at VeloNews.

Mostly quiet after the storm.

At Daily Peloton Forums, the important residue is in these threads, all unresolved:

Late in the day, one-mint-julich shoots at the 'calibration error' argument.

At, some folks are now anticipating the fall of McQuaid, and Landis' defamation actions. Also here. Some of the most skeptical but honest observers appear to have been swayed from one side of the fence to another.

Bicyclling Forums discuss, mostly buy the slide set.

Dugard thinks the release is the beginning of smart guys fighing back.
RandomString thinks its a total roostering and plugs TBV.
AusCulture loves his mug, which is reason to believe.
Buzzle reprints story with nice picture.

RaceJunkie says you shouldn't have put anything out and what you did was weasely procedural stuff. Guess he hasn't been reading comments and mail to TBV that are outraged when I say procedural complaints aren't effective against the WADA machine or public perception -- even if it should be a scandal.

Travis believes what he read in the presentation.
DirtPedaler likes the release.
FrontalCortex pretends he did the reading, flunks the exam.

TechDirt likes the idea, but thinks he should have a real wiki instead of using DPF. I disagree -- better to reuse an existing community than try to create one.

PJ mulls over his feelings about the 2006 Tour DVD set.

Adam Smith notes Knowledge Problem's observations of Landis' use of "the wisdom of crowds".

TBV despises, which is an absolutely worthless aggregation of things based on keywords. Here is one they picked out for Floyd today: Landis Wash and Lube. Note the absence of a link to Socialtag looks like a honeypot to get you to click on their advertiser links, which are the only way to get out. Never again!

Quote of the Day
You see, I have very small genitals and breasts, so I try to make myself feel better by nitpicking grammar in blog comments. link



=DeRo= said...

Inspiration and the desire to do better, if not GREAT things, is why I put relevant items out there for all to 'chew-on'. Maybe it sounds old and tired but, that's the great thing about the U.S.A. Free to be you and me...
If I was less the optimist and more the realist maybe, just maybe, I would give up the idea that a person is as good as their word and we all are equal on this planet. I do not believe any of these men [and women] are without complicity, to some degree in this matter but, I am a fan and an amateur rider and a human being and as long as we try to do the right thing - we are all the winners.
The pressures of fame are remendous and the responsibilities of that "15 minutes" - daunting and unique. We must make the effort and do our best with the results.
I just finished working with Tennis coach Nick Bollittierri at The USOpen. He told us [and his on-line audience] "If you can get the information you need and use it to find the solution then the outcome will be in your favor."
He was talking about studying your opponent on the tennis court to figure out how to win however, even though it is a low end sports medifore; it is quite relevant to this situation and that in life.

It has been said,
"This is my body. And I can do whatever I want to it. I can push it. Study it. Tweak it. Listen to it. Everybody wants to know what I'm on. What am I on? I'm on my bike busting my ass six hours a day. What are you on?" -Lance Armstrong

To hinder those who do good works with accusations and slander just for the sake of publicity or sales is counter productive. For all those who 'play' that game there will surely be a cost. For the rest of us, JUST PLAY!!!

"Lead, Follow or Get OUT of the Way!" Keep on Riding ON!
=gDz= in NYC

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Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me what is going on with page 16 of the presentation? In the two earlier pages they give the first test's T and E values of 61.37 and 5.2. Page 16 has those listed as values for the second test.

Page 16's values for the first test, 49.7 and 11.1, bear no resemblence to the values given on page 13 for the second test, 172.23 and 17.59. So it is not simply a case of mixing up the results of the first and second tests.

DBrower said...

Can someone explain what =dero= wrote to me?


Anonymous said...

The worm has turned, folks. We're seeing a more thoroughly evolved and educated sort of athlete fighting back against doping charges. This is the sort of dialogue, for lack of a better term, the sports world needs in order to steer us through this era of performance enhancement and witch-hunting.

I'm going to be very interested in Gen Jeanson's defense, scheduled for December the last I heard.

Anonymous said...

So does anyone have an explanation for the different numbers on pages 13 and 16, or is this just a KoolAid drinking blog?

Trust and DON'T Verify?


Anonymous said...

I'm mystified by dero's comments, also, but got a good laugh this Friday evening. A philosophical perspective is hopefully welcome at TBV. Perhaps the musings of a person thoroughly chilled out on something (a beverage?). I think what dero was saying, in an obtuse way, was, "Give Floyd a break. He's just human." I love the quote from Lance: "...What are you on?"

Thanks to TBV for great coverage and commentary on "The Floyd Papers". I haven't figured out yet what it all means, but it's surely more grist for the mill.

TBV: Might you be at Pepperdine to cover the hearing?

DBrower said...

Assuming I can deal with my work schedule, I wouldn't miss the hearing for the world.