Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Roundup

Yes, Oscar, you can be Champ if Floyd is DQed, says IHT. Asterix , er, asterisk won't be number #1. Also in VeloNews.

VeloNews describes the video in some detail.

Officially off crutches -- says so in progress report by Dr. Kay:

By the end of the first month he was riding one hour on the trainer and was no longer using crutches. He has no pain and will begin riding on the road now with the goal of gradually building strength over the next 4-6 weeks to allow him to return to normal training in preparation for the 2007 Tour de France.
Comments are closed, alas.

Daily Peloton considers doping in two articles, part one (why) and part two (what do do). Vaughn thinks openness is part of the solution, perhaps a "truth and reconciliation" effort as done in South Africa post apartheid.

CyclingNews picks up the "take down the UCI" comment in Madison, and Michael Henson tap dances and pirouettes.

Amber speaks to Daily Peloton, part 1 of 3. Mrs TBV will recognize this:
Would he bring his doubts and concerns home and talk to you about them? Or would he only talk to his coaches and trainers?

It depends how giving he is that day. He doesn't like to talk about things too much. I have to pry things out of him.

Floyd: The problem is that I feel like I've been talking about everything. It's all just in my head and I don't realize I never said anything out loud!

Amber: That's the thing! He's always thinking it in his head, and he thinks his head talks to my head!

Part I concludes after Stage 16.


Velochimp lays into the cracked glass.
Doucheblog does likewise.
Velogal jumps on.

RBR on Puerto and Landis, provoked by Doucheblog.

Double-Toungued notes Wikipedian Defense based on the Boulder Report of Oct 24 for the lexicographers. Hmmm, I cited FL as saying Wikipedia Defense (no 'n') on Oct 8, so priority is mine! Is the the place to start the citation trail for roostered?



Anonymous said...

Re you aware of an online source for the "broken glass" video? You tube?

Anonymous said...

Ah, so the Spanish authorities have dropped all charges concerning Operation Puerto, see for article. Here is complete proof that the UCI and WADA should be completely stripped of any power regarding professional cycling. Look at the lives ruined by these idiots. Makes me sick to even think about our beloved sport in the hands of these people. Just one more nail in the coffin. And we are to honestly believe anything they say, or trust anything they do. It truly is time for a major change. Toss Em All!
Mike, Green Mountain Cyclery
Ephrata, PA.
Go Floyd!