Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today is Floyd's Happy Birthday.

Don't anyone tell him about the big party, it's a secret. Sssssh!



god said...

floyd you suck said...

Thanks for sharing, your words speak for themselves.

We all appreciate the informative and enlightening contribution.

I had thought about taking advantage of my omnipotent moderator powers, but decided that here was an fine chance to show that speech is better than censorship.


Anonymous said...

I hope Floyd had a wonderful birthday celebration with his family. This is a fantastic photo of a bicycle cake. This blog can use some fun moments.

TBV - Did someone really make a cake in the shape of a bicycle? And you tweaked the photo to add Floyd's name?

(I'm glad to know you'll be at the hearing if your work allows.) said...

It's a picture I found at the site of a specialist cake maker, Gimp-ed. Google image search is your friend.