Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Roundup

Back sooner than expected -- early updates courtesy the free WiFi at Berkeley Expresso at 1900 Shattuck.


Landis on CBS Early Morning show; Completely insists on innocence. Money quote: "Now I'm even more motivated to prove to them that I didn't (use performance enhancing drugs), first of all, and after that, to go and win the race so I can have a proper celebration," Landis said. "And I think when everyone gets to see that I was innocent and am innocent, that they'll want to celebrate with me." Video is here -- see Floyd smile! See him haul himself up stairs with crutches! Hear whether he sounds like a dirty rat or a wronged man! See how neat he keeps his garage, which has many wheels and few bikes! See him tortured in physical therapy and ride a CycleOps stationary bike for the camera!

CIR promoted as part of the answer to NFL steroid problems, touts use against Gatlin and Landis. Usual suspect Catlin quoted. At least they wouldn't be using LNDD.

WADA and Interpol to generate MOU for cooperation, further criminalizing doping. (No Landis content.)

WSJ has an article about uninalysis tests, discussed by ZBicylist. If someone finds a usable link to the original, please send along.

Dugard tells us that Landis went off pain medication three days after the operation, "he didn't want to be duped into feeling pain-free and then get back on the bike too early. Man, that's gotta hurt."

Rant explores our tiny friends the isotopes and isomers. They're not isomorphic! While we test the isotopes, we might be better off differentiating the isomers. Isocomplicated.

Sports Law asserts that Landis has "been proven a liar". We'll see how they respond to my gentle correction.

Daily Peloton Forum discusses altitude tents, and WADAs posturing about them; new link to report dismissive of the regulation attempt. Landis hook is that Floyd built himself a hypox room in his house ($450 worth), didn't find much gain and gave up on it.

At Topix, Mr. LNDD has returned with a calmer personality, and a fragile civility is being negotiated. Even YHS TBV had been drawn into the flame-throwing death match. We'll see how long the potential truce holds. Remember kids, "tit-for-tat" is usually the best strategy, not "massive retaliation".

Too good not to link. Many of us have heard about Landis' great bike handling skills, and seen him do a wheelie while climbing hills in the (late) SF Grand Prix race. Phooey. He's just a testosterone poisoned man. Watch what a truly skilled woman can do here. (link courtesy RBR)



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The ZBicyclist post refers to an old article at, from August 12th, called "A Test for Alcohol -- And Its Flaws" by Kevin Helliker. Unfortunately, it's only available as a PDF download for $4.95. Anyone interested in reading the article can find it here.

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Actually, I was wrong about the format of the article. It's HTML, but once you purchase it, it's only available for 90 days.

- Rant

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Link to Floyd's interview this morning:

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FYI, the deleted comments had bad links that were superceded by the later comments and in the article body. It seemed better to remove them than have people frustrated by the misdirection.