Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Roundup

At RBR, well known troll 'dupedcyclist' returns with more molotov cocktails. He receives the usual short shrift.

At DPF, Floyd asks some questions that seem to be revealing more of his hand:

I'd like to propose a few questions:

Under what category would it fall if you proved that with a certain labs interperatation the false positive rate increased from 1 in 3 millinon, to 4 in 1 hundred? Would that be arguing the science or the interperatation of the provided science?

How would you see the "metabolites" issue if you knew that the 2004 WADA document said metabolite[s], and the 2006 document said metabolites? Wouldn't it seem that the issue had been considered and the conclusion reached that it was "all"? Also, what would you say if you learned that some labs, who have done the research and understand the metabolic pathways, required all of the metabolites to be above a different cutoff than WADA?

One last hypothetical. What would be your oppinion if you looked through all of the research and could not find an example, wheather it be in the control group or other, where the deltas were that far apart in any given pair of metabolites (leaving open the possibility that if the two were near the cutoff that it is possible for one to be above and one to be below within margin of error)? Would you then decide that the test is unexplainable and therefore inconclusive or would you accept that some rule had been broken even though it is not possible to know what had transpired?
An interesting set of questions, indeed.

PJ likens the Quarterly Report to cramming for finals. The idea that reading it will help you chat up members of the appropriate sex at the Halloween Party seems far-fetched.
(TBV also advises against wearing an Amish straw hat with your Phonak jersey to go as Floyd Landis.)

Rant wonders if the mirror effect will lead someone to seven years bad luck.

Racejunkie swipes at Floyd and Phonak for what's happened to other members of the team.

DigitalAgency chimes in positively on the Net defense strategy.



Thinnmann said...
"Tim Kawakami's Talking Points" at Mercury News
10. Floyd Landis, makes PowerPoint defense on the Web: And if you believed him, please contribute cash to the great new start-up site:

...and that is his penultimate of his list of 10...

Why do all these football and baseball types feel compelled to knock Floyd?

Anonymous said...

Puff piece on Dick Pound in today's Boston Herald

Thinnmann said...

Another footballer hitting Floyd!

Shawne Merriman Is Drinking the Wrong Smoothies

"Even if this story is true, and they rarely are, he shouldn't have been using a supplement with a banned substance in it. Although, it's a better excuse than Floyd Landis's "I had Jack Daniels the night before excuse." Then again, most excuses are."