Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Roundup

VeloNews prognosticates about Thursday's Tour Route announcement, mulling the ways they may dis *-- edit him out of the video, use an asterisk where his name should be.

TechCrunch talks about, and Landis' use of it to host the released documents.

Neil@ROAD covers Landis appearance at Canine Companions for Independance dinner.

Agent Futura notes the discrepencies in fan bases, and bemoans lack of visibility about cycling. '*' hook as TV person can't remember Landis' name, but can remember what he thinks his offense was.

In comments to yesterday's Roundup, Spinopsys Phil keeps pounding the "take down the UCI" remark attributed to Landis in the Madison print interview. It does come off harsh enough as quoted that one wonders if maybe the reporter lost some nuance, or Floyd talked himself into a corner, as he did with the notorious, "I'll say no."