Thursday, August 17, 2006

Please be a quiet day

There was about as much coverage today of David Witt as there had been on Weds/Tues of the Phonak shutdown announcement. This too seemed in-line with the curse that has followed previous attempts to make the defense case. I'd say that Floyd's open letter was largely displaced in volume by the Witt tragedy, and Jacobs' demand for an open hearing was completely lost in the noise. The timing of the open letter was fine -- ordinarily it would have dominated the Weds news cycle. The Jacobs announcement seemed particularly badly timed, competing both against the open letter and Witt. It would not hurt to re-launch that later.

On the other hand, and I may be wrong, the main wave of "string him up" reactions may have passed, and more support is emerging from hiding.

Petition to investigate lab, referred by BikeBiz
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Coverage of open hearing demand at Podium Cafe.
Interview w/Witt friend Dwight van Slyke in video KUSI story. Says that Floyd went to the hospital Tuesday night. That had to be awful.
Witt reported in Australia, slightly different take.
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Floyd's Goose is Cooked, Alabama pundit hates to say.
Yay! Doping Litigation Season Starting! notes Bicyling's Boulder Report, taking a dim view of the demonization of Floyd, without expressing opinion on the merits.
Any coverage is too much, says ESPN guy (ref'd by Boulder); who cares about biking and track?
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Landis allowed cycling to dethrone god, says this blogger.
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Blame it on Terrorists, riffs Richard "Get Rich" Quick.
It's sporting to use drugs, says AA Gill in the Sunday (Aug 13) Times.
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