Thursday, August 24, 2006

A bunch of references and old stuff

Here's a GREAT search site to remember:

All of the the science, none of the babble. It's like that new WWW thing of the research community way back in Nineteen Ninety and Three.

Some links found from there, and elsewhere.

CAS history, in Olympic context.
You can get off if you are a horse with cancer.
Detailed puff piece on CIR tests, with graphics of output displays.
How good is CIR for T-Doping, real paper from 2001.
Mass Spectrometry in Doping Control, real paper from 2005.
Detecting Epi-T Doping using IRMS, real paper from 2002.
Diet change may affect IRMS, real paper from Feb 06, abstract only.
iPod should be banned, observes Doping Control Journal in 2004.
Effects of feed and age on IRMS of T in cows, real paper from 2000; abstract only.

Mass Spectrometry in Sports Drug testing, real paper, preprint; abstract only.
Civil Rights, Doping Control and the World Anti-doping Code, journal article from 2004; no text, no abstract.
A Constant Battle..., Duke Law Journal article, discusses strict liability standard.
IAAF Arbitration Panel Heritage, superceded by CAS.
CAS settled disputes 'within the family of sport'; Yes, eat the young.
Doping Control from a Global and National Perspective, abstract only.
The Strict Liability Principle and the Human Rights of the Athlete in Doping Cases, legal doctoral disstertation, in dutch; abstract only., website of a journal. 23 articles hit for 'doping'

Other stuff:

Meca-Medina and Majcen use EC against WADA; Pound says don't look behind the curtain.
Silliness in doping control around 96 olympics, from NYT
Which rules to follow?, reference piece on PlayTheGame
Good article about doping in triathlon, (but old) by Mark Sisson (see earlier link)
Doping News Roundup at Cycling4All.