Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Suggestions Needed!

The volume of links being carried feels unwieldy. While I think the daily roundup is a good idea, it seems like there ought to be a way of sectioning things up for easier use by someone coming to the site cold, and for me to tell if something is a link I've already used.

Anyone with blogger/blogspot knowledge, or a reference to a decent page that does this, PLEASE send me a pointer to something you think works well that I can think about copying.



[updated: really from Aug 20, but I want to drop it down]


Tour of '03 said...

Note to Trust (if you check back):
Sorry I removed your post. I was concerned about the link, but I've checked out your site, and it's a good one. I hope we can cross post from time to time.

Hugh said...

I wouldn't worry about organizing your links. Just keep on doing what you're doing; it's working great.

Google is good at making sense of piles of undifferentiated links... leave it to them.

trust_but_verify said...

OK, I won't make more work for myself. If I add duplicate links because I forgot an old ref, um, don't sue me, um, grant me the tolerance due a dotty old uncle.