Friday, August 18, 2006

I can't make this stuff up

Several sources pass on this tidbit...

El Pais also reported that American Floyd Landis, who faces being stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title due to a positive doping test there, appeared to have seen a German doctor.
Oh my god! It's DIP!

What next? "Floyd Landis ate a cheeseburger made from Argentinian beef, which may be fattened with steroids. Experts also say Argentina is on the same continent where other riders allegedly did reclusive 'training' in mountains under the supervision of so-called 'coaches' and 'doctors'. The burger was obtained from a 'fast food' esstablishment whose name has been witheld pending confirmation, according to authorities."



Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Trust But Verify:

Thanks for a thoughtful blog. I invite you consider a change of pace and comment on and/or respond to my alternative theory of Landis' innocence and my recommendation of the correct course of action. Support Floyd if you are an American. Bomb the French and get it over with!

The Al-Qaida Plot/Landis tribute:

A plan for Floyd's triumphant return: