Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Roundup

Toronto Sun talks about Stern going after Mr. Pound. This story is turning up everywhere, because it's a big-time sport (basketball), and because the NBA may be the model of a number of things that work -- labor relations, revenue sharing, and substance abuse policy. It's going to be hard for Mr. Pound to blow this off as uninformed criticism.

Reuters report about Valverde's reservations about DNA testing mentions Landis at the end.

VeloNews reports Clerc going after UCI:

Cycling is in danger," Clerc said following recent doping scandals involving Tour winner Floyd Landis and the OperaciĆ³n Puerto investigation in Spain. "What kind of twisted mind can expect to lead cycling out of its crisis by attacking the locomotive of the train?"

The UCI and Tour officials have been squaring off since the inception of the ProTour series in 2006. The ongoing feud shows no signs of cooling following the recent snub by Tour officials not to invite UCI president Pat McQuaid to the 2007 Tour unveiling last week in Paris. Clerc accused the UCI of trying to wrest control of the lucrative TV contracts from the race organizers with the imposition of the ProTour system.

"That's not their role. Their role is to be regulators, not economic. Everyone has their appropriate place," Clerc said, adding that the effort to impose the ProTour system has been a "failed coup d'etat. They wanted to force this system upon us and the organizers of the grand tours have squarely opposed them."

In yesterday's roundup, I was confused about Howard Jacob's web site and thecurrent nature of his practice. In email, we're told that he opened his own firm with staff on July 1st after having been with Hurrel and Cantrell for 19 months. Before that he had another office in Westlake Village.