Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Roundup

In tomorrow's CyclingNews more of the interview with Jonathan Vaughters, with a mention of the IM that alleged photographic evidence of doping belonging to Landis:

...the two riders described what is alleged to have been doping practices within the US Postal Service team in 1999, and how they felt they had been misled by the team's management and its senior rider, Armstrong. The exchange also implicated Floyd Landis, who supposedly has photographic evidence of practices that are alleged to involve doping.

(We covered the original story on 15-Oct.)

Letters to Velonews, all doping and suspicion, but no Landis.

Pez Interviews Andreu, little Landis content.

NyVeloCity completes its tech report on the "Praying Landis" with wind tunnel info, and claims victory with Kristen Armstrong's World Championship. We noticed their August Part 1 here.

ZenTriathlon has podcast and a written summary of a talk by Allen Lim about use of the PowerTap, referencing Landis. Hints of a CycleOps/Garmin deal, which would be great -- A Garmin Edge 405 w/power readings would RAWK.

Racejunkie discusses conspiracy theories in relation to "Lance the hacker".
Jared Roy goes over the "Hacker Lance" story.

Rant talks about McCain thinking more money for WADA/USADA is part of a solution.

Olaf Vanderhoot thinks TBV is "rah rah" for FLandis' honor, and thatRant "needs a slap in the fo'head". He favors lifetime bans. (We had previous comment by him here)

Michael Grisso over on AC wonders if FL is guilty after all?
With everything to date it has looked as if Landis was GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, but new evidence confirmed may make us to believe he was telling the truth all along
CyclingShots has a joke picture, and a snip from an article at the Speedgoat blog

During what has been a "slow" period this was the "haiku of the day" from the DP forums. It comes from NC Rider and sums the FL case up perfectly...
No recourse for Floyd
'Til he proves fraud or bad faith
A difficult task

- Sam San



Anonymous said...

From ORG ...

Frank Shorter making the case that dope testing is getting BETTER and sports are cleaner now than they have been in a long while.

No mention of Floyd either directly or by implication

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Velonews Mailbag ... Shouldn't we rather be concerned about almost 10% adverse analytical findings in BILLIARDS than CYCLING (3.78%) .... ? ;-)

Thinnmann said...

Absolutely, anonymous! I bet those adverse findings were for stimulants so the billiards players could stay up late hours to shoot all that pool. And it is nice to know that none of the tug-of-war people are doing drugs.... (see page 7, table E)

Terry21 said...

In response to NCRider's haiku, I don't think that they will have too much trouble proving bad faith. The lab leaked the test results without following the rules, hurting his image. However, the B test confirmed the A sample so how much hard did they actually do?

Anonymous said...

More importantly, what the hell is Bandy?

Cheryl from Maryland said...

It seems to be a weird-ass combination of golf and hockey played by pilgrims -- at least according to the illustration at:

It must be a rough sport since it has a higher number of adverse results than cycling.

Anonymous said...

I read Jonathan Vaughters and Frankie Andreu's interview. Wow! They both are being frank and open, which is what the sport needs! I'm impressed with both of them for being so outspoken. Jonathan has those young cyclists (one of which is Brad Huff, from my hometown!) and we want them to have a better experience in their pro days, than the pros in the past.

As for the IM message, I think someone should tape my conversations and phone calls, I'm a big gossip, and will talk about stuff someone told me that they heard from someone else, etc. If we start taking that stuff as gospel, we're fueling the flames for the tabloid-like press that we all hate in cycling. That's how lives get ruined.