Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Floyd Landis is "defiant" in this informative Alan Abrahamson story from NBC Sports.com

CyclingNews says CSC isn't replacing Basso, and Rasmussen is getting better. The first says Riis might have room for someone who might become available, despite he denials. The latter means chicken-legs doesn't seem to be having the complications Landis had with his hip.

An interesting new organization appears (to us), the Agency for Cycling Ethics. It features a chart that positions its program as the anti-WADA, being cooperative rather than predatory. It has some association with Vaughter's Slipstream team, described in the 6-Oct Mr. Rogers Neighborhood at Velonews.

20millionminutes picks up Stern on Mr. Pound.

PJ riffs on the correspondance series.

Dugard teases with the following:

Whatever else, today marks a transition from a time frame that began sometime in mid-August. That's when the campaigns began kicking into gear, just as it's when my team's cross-country season began, my marathon training began, and when the Floyd Landis situation was at its low ebb. Things have turned around for Floyd (look for some very large revelations in the next couple weeks),
BleacherReport identifies good guys and bad guys, and Landis is given a black hat.

uk.rec.cycling talks about the BBC More or Less program, says things don't look as cut and dried as you might think. The show was also covered by BikeBiz yesterday. (TBV is sitting on two emails with summaries of the program, to be posted when I have time).

DPF talks chews the "straight to CAS correspondence" story.

DPF also muses about possible European Commission review of CAS decision based on antitrust, starting about post #15. Someone finds and corrects our links to the relevant decisions.

At the not-really moderated Topix forums, one poster says the single-CAS hearing was Landis' idea, to save himself the expense of losing twice, so all the delays are his fault. It's like hanging out at a bar half full of equally drunk Michigan and Ohio State fans, only without the fistfights or the rational discourse.