Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Roundup

On the DP forum (Insider View thread), Landis writes:

Just to clear up the misinformation in this post (nothing personal OMJ), out of slightly less than one thousand instances last year of T/E ratios between four and six in tests performed by WADA, only three were confirmed by IRMS or longitudinal study. Also, on another note, we were notified by USADA a few days ago that the information which we have is all that we are entitled to have (that means you've seen all we will get). This means they are denying any more of the documents pertaining to the results of the test in questions and also the results of the other tests from the tour.

I don't know, but the fax was clear that we should not bother asking for anything else because what was provided, according to them, proves my guilt. You decide.
Due to aggressive moderation, threads at DPF are unstable; posts get moved around, and links sometimes stop working as a result. Earlier, in what is now the same thread as Floyd above, Tom Fine had come up with a memorable metaphor for the way the anti-doping system works at present:
...One could say it is adversarial by design, not just by nature. I would go farther. It is not merely an adversarial system. The current anti-doping system is a predatory system. It is a shark in the water, looking for blood. The assumption is that regular shark attacks are good for cycling.

As far as I can see though, the shark's the only one left smiling.
A new poster, roadwarrior on DPF seems to be a knowledgable ex-Pro rider. His profile says, "Birthday: 25 September 1954, Interests: Cycling, racing and retail (former racer) racing, especially Indy" Any ideas who might this be?

Snark O' the Day

After discussing the "LanceCam" at the NY Marathon (which LA finished in a shade under 3 hours), a Cincinnati columnist chips in,
In a related story, the "FloydCam" continues to stream up-to-the-minute footage of disgraced Tour de France winner and drug test failure Floyd Landis, as he weeps in his mother's basement while searching through bike messenger want ads in area newspapers.
Ottawa Sun says the only two possibilities are, "Either more people are cheating, or more are getting caught, thanks to better and more frequent testing."



Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm dense, Who is roadwarrior?

DBrower said...

I don't know who roadwarrior is. I was hoping somebody with a long memory would figure it out. He's apparently older than TBV, which ought to limit the candidates considerably, but my casual search turned up nada.