Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Roundup

Well, well. It looks like maybe we've gotten the quiet period we've been expecting since about September. And having made that suggestion, something crazy will happen tomorrow.

At DPF, Landis says the arbitrators have been selected, and that there are now scheduling things going on. Names have not been released:

It appears that the timetable to which you refer is a grey area which can be manipulated at will by the ADAs' since we picked an arbitrator more than a month ago as did USADA, and now the two have decided on a third and it appears that we will have one American, chosen by us, and two Canadians.

A forum I don't follow much, Let's Run, has a good thread started by ORG (old runner guy) about the case based on Floyd's "war" quote last week.

CyclingNews letters debate public complaints about the LNDD.


Kenny thinks everybody dopes.

Monkey Migrane recycles the Carolla radio appearance from August for more condemnation.

Rant talks about Lance, superhacker.

One last thing -- blogspot tells me this is the 200th post on TBV. I never would have imagined that, but there's a lot here I'd never have imagined!