Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Roundup

We've been consciously avoiding the Cofidis trial in France because there isn't a direct Landis connection, but it's hard to ignore completely. IHT has a good summary.

If we believe AFT, the replacement of Bisceglia at USACycling was another conspiracy by the cycling Illuminati, and he has filed suit alleging wrongful termination, according to VeloNews.

VeloNews/VeloPress has a new book out about the tour, The 2006 Tour de France: Triumph and Turmoil for Floyd Landis, by John Wilcokson, et. al.

PJ goes after AFT. So does Rant.

AFT answers his critics here with a shrug and a "last post", probably only for now.

Sarah B writes about the Amber Landis interview....

Running Barefoot Gene writes about why he cares about the FL case, and complains about the Landis "facts" in the Cofidis Trial IHT story linked above.

Picture This tries Landis humour.