Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Pez has a review of the CycleOps Pro300PT, recently seen in Landis's house post-surgery.

ProTour picks on the weakest, and says La Vuelta may not get three weeks.

BikeBiz picks up our mention of a Garmin/CycleOps link yesterday like we're a credible source, which then gets echoed again at 2teker, in a language I don't recognize at a glance, so no translation. (n.b., "rawk" is 1337 for "rock").

TBV usually has little interest in celebrity gossip, but news about Kid Rock catches our eye: "so much passive-aggressive hostility... "

Can't Stop the Bleeding writes about Lance the "Renaissance Man" and his hacking for Landis....

German PR blog is positive about Landis' campaign, based on statistics.

TripleCrankset thinks Landis does what everybody does, and it's not overt cheating.

VeloGal riffs on Lance Hacker.

Rant wonders about fairness, again.

La Grand Boucle thinks Landis will be plenty motivated in '07.

Goat Riders of the Apocalypse compares baseball doping to cycling.

100% vid3os has a five minute Landis tour review, with no aftermath.

DPF case discussion has gone aground, or in circles, about mostly irrelevant minutia. Maybe everybody needs a break. People aren't listening to each other, and are concerned more about winning arguments than actually making a useful point.

Someone asked Landis to clarify his previously reported comments about a conversation Greg LeMond has said was Floyd asking for advice. Landis answered,

I did, as I used to do for some people, call GL privately to discuss some comments that he made about me and my situation. I used to believe that a private call was the best way to deal with public slander. I have subsequently learned that the phone call will become public and the contents thereof misconstrued into whatever fits the agenda. What Greg actualy divulged to me is what he does not want to talk about. I did not call for advice, I called to give him a chance to plead his case as to why he was speaking when he had never spoken to me nor met me in the past and in no way could be portrayed as knowing me personally. Unfortunately, the facts that he divulged to me in the hour which he spoke and gave no opportunity for me to do the same, would damage his character severely and I would rather not do what has been done to me. However, if he ever opens his mouth again and the word Floyd comes out, I will tell you all some things that you will wish you didn't know and unfortunately I will have entered the race to the bottom which is now in progress. For the record, I don't know Greg, and have no more respect for Greg than I have for people who go through life blaming others for all of their problems. You are not a victim of others Greg, you are a pathetic human who believes that if others didn't cheat (not sure about you) you would be the President and all the peasants would bow to your command. Join reality with the rest of us who win some and lose some and keep on smiling.



Anonymous said...

ORG here ...


Since things are slowing down, here's a question.

Back in the pre-historic era of this case (August) when we were writing on cave walls and worshipping fire, I found you in the comments section of the blog "Free Floyd Landis"

I seem to remember that you had once written he was coming out of retirement around mid-Novmeber.

What happened to him? Is he gone forever? I think I could restle up some blood-hounds to start a search party.

Unknown said...

Who's coming out of retirement?

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


2Teker is written in Turkish. In checking over at Google, their translation tools don't seem to cover that language, however.

- Rant

DBrower said...

ORG, Whareagle:

I got word from Free Floyd that he has (a) finished his thesis on time; (b) got a healthy baby; and (c) is now looking for a job and re-entering life. He wanted an update on the world-of-Landis, and I said I would do so in tomorrow's "monthly update".

I don't know if he's going to re-join the blogging fray, but if he's unemployeed, he'll have some time for it...


Anonymous said...

ORG here ....

Tell Free Floyd to pst his resume on his blog. Stranger things have happened .....

whareagle said...

Man, Landis' words were pretty strong about LeMond. Wow. I had to rehinge my jaw after reading that.

FTR, the implications he mentions about GL are the same ones I heard in '98, but there's no way in hades you could ever verify them. Hence, they're not valid, and like FL, I don't want to join the race to the bottom.

Free Floyd!

daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


You and Floyd have me intrigued. Could LeMond's vehement anti-doping statements now be a case of "Methinks the [LeMond] protests too much."?

Either way, I'd hate to see anyone else join the race to the gutter. It's crowded enough down there as it is. The sewer may back up any minute. ;-)

- Rant

Anonymous said...

Perhaps LeMond hasn't had a decent rivalry since Hinault and is just looking for a little piece of the action..