Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Roundup

Letters to CyclingNews contain a complaint about the ASO video. Another can't believe innocence because of the angry look. One is sad Landis has so much support.

PodiumCafe Rider of the Year results -- Floyd wins popular vote by 1 (out of 177 cast), and PC declares 3 way tie with Valverde and Bettini, and prefers Valverde.

Dugard says Landis is walking without a limp and is starting some long training rides.

Mike and Dana go snarky about Landis at the end.

ChaosCycling likes Floyd and wants to set up a Burning Man of cycling with a beer garden.

Machine translation of German blog says Landis doped: "Completely large tennis."


Howard Jacobs has a web page I hadn't see before. The background features...cycling. He still has a page at Forgey, Hurrell, Cantrall, but has dropped off their roster. His new one doesn't seem to mention the firm. Maybe he's gone solo? I don't know if there is any meaning, or I'm blind.